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    Cutting down flat head screws ie those on sockets

    just put the screws on your clients tiled kitchen floor,then all you do is kango through the screws. ive not done that before but please let me know what your client has to say about it
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    Wiring question

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    Wiring question

    you might want to rephrase that.......
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    wiring up combi boiler

    thats no good............
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    wiring up combi boiler

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    17th Edition Video

    i know mate.LABC insisting on 17th edition install on the nursing homes im rewiring at the moment.all jobs started in may.we informed clients they didnt have the right to insist on this but they folded as there is lots of money being spent. i wish they would but out at times tbh,they seem to...
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    17th Edition Video

    thats true mate,dont do much new build stuff tbh.just thought the 100a main switch on the cu would be a switch for other equipment,perhaps im a victim of various councils brainwashing and their unwillingness to sign off buildings without a low level cu where part m applies :)
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    17th Edition Video

    gary mo, the only thing is 8.2 of section 8 which refers to sockets,switches and other equipment.
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    17th Edition Video

    if its a new build it has to comply with part m.thats why its at the height its other reason.everything has to be in that 450mm to 1200mm zone including the cu.just imagine yourself sitting in your wheelchair in the dark,wishing you could reach the cu if its at high level!
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    Thread stuck in socket!

    you could put a skeleton patrice over the existing box and drill and fix to the wall,no damage to decs then.wont stand that far proud either. best idea if its the floating lug,is to buy another box and rob the lug out of it as previously suggested
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    Does this comply with building regs?

    in that case no,its not allowed.get him back mate.get him to use oval over the cable,yes i know you dont have to,but how cheap is it? it does improve the job. why on earth is he taking the feed for towel rail from lighting? are you sure hes a sparks?
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    A couple of pics for comment!!

    cant work out why they didnt use a new skeleton board,much easier/neater. get back onto them those tails through seperate holes are making me cringe :D
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    one fan two toilets

    easily done . take switchline from each room to fan,dont take it from the light,take it from the switch.then use double pole switchline for light,1 switchline for fan.this stops room A backfeeding room B when you activate the switch in the relevant room materials list...
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    Materials means materials and not tools right?!

    he may well have mullahed his own stuff doing your job and finished it off with the new ones. i always allow a bit for drill bits and the like on jobs .dont see a problem really
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    Cost of Rewire

    if thats all ive got to go on for pricing,then its going to be about fifty grand :lol: thats only if its a 'normal' house though :?
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    metal cable cover under plaster - how to fix?

    pvc cappling is easier to work with imo. oval is even easier than that :wink:
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    What penalty if found guilty?

    both crimes are abhorrent
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    Shaver socket in Bathroom - won't stop buzzing! Please Help!

    message for both of you! its not going to hurt to check the connections. they may be loose,arcing kills people
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    More wires than legs on a millipede !

    one of the remaining pairs(RBE) should be be the outgoing feed to the next light. the remaining one will be the switch and close the switch and test between red and black at the light you will get a short on one cable.check this by opening the switch again as it may be,that your...