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    stone house damp question

    my house is appox 200 years old and I have recently had my house damp proofed. parts of the wall are stone and they had no problem doing it as they used a silicon type injection. not under high pressure as there is no cavity. it is not that expensive realy when you way up the other odds eg Your...
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    Cellar Tanking

    I was able to avoid using a pump because i Had access to a drain. There is a type of guttering ( almost like a square downpipe with a lip (looks like a b) with holes along the bottom side, that face the wall) you dig into the ground about 6 inchs. (I actualy dug up the whole floor and re-...
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    Cellar Tanking

    I have recently tanked my kitchen whitch is below grownd level. I used a plastic membrain from Isola Called 'Platon Stop'. It costs about £200 for a 20m by 2m role. I used a special plastic plug To attach it to the wall ( you do not need to remove any plaster or reder beforhand). I then dot and...