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    2008 Outstanding by Keter 6x4 Garden Shed. Instructions anyone?

    I have acquired a Keter shed, still boxed and unassembled, for free from an elderly lady locally. Unfortunately the instructions, although present, had got wet and stuck together making them almost completely unreadable. I have been in touch with Keter who were unable to provide any assistance...
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    100mm gutter

    :( All brackets now gone i'm afraid. I still have some lengths of gutter and downpipe, as well as a couple of end caps, connector straps and a running outlet. Chis
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    100mm gutter

    Yes I still have them. "Wooster" had found some elswhere. Private Contact via the "Messages" button at the top of the forum page when logged in I think. I'll go and check exactly what I have and send you a message via that route later.
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    100mm gutter

    Hi, Did you ever find any 100mm Marley brackets to do a "Proper job"? If you are interested I have a few, and other bits of Marley 100mm in grey that I kept when I replaced my guttering a fey years back with modern white, as I knew they were impossible to find and may be useful to someone...