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  1. Bear2Biker

    Drain pipe water butt identification

    replace the hosepipe with something bigger, Std hosepipe is 15mm outside diameter, 10/11mm inside, even that short length will present significant resistance to water flow as its not presurised-resulting in long fill periods, ive got 5 water butts feeding two IBC's all connected, had to change...
  2. Bear2Biker

    Cost of a tree inspection. Suffolk.

    If the hole is now 3" deep then the rot has allready started, Birch is structually a softwood and your probably looking at an expanding 4"-12" area of decayed non structural wood under the 3" hole, nothing you do now will strengthen or repair it, sadly from your reported height of the hole a...
  3. Bear2Biker

    HOZELOCK connector problem

    Ive got several fittings from different makes, most work together but not all, yes the brass style fittings do seem to work better/longer, I found the biggest problem being the 'O' ring on the male ends degrading, some are silicon, some are more plastic based & flatten easily, resulting in a 'no...
  4. Bear2Biker

    Two immersion heaters with switched FCUs got very hot

    Harry, thanks for correcting me, brain not in gear( it was a bit early for me), I just remember the OP saying the supply cables seemed to go from 1 to the other, but no that draw probably wouldn't discolour the FCU even if it was on 24/7, I've looked in mine (which isnt currently opperational) &...
  5. Bear2Biker

    Two immersion heaters with switched FCUs got very hot

    Hi all, as the elements are at the same height (so seemingly act similarly) is it possible that they are wired in series despite the the labeling, this would still draw fairly close to 12+ amps for a considerable time, giving the browning effect on the FCU. I have a Gledhill upright and the...
  6. Bear2Biker

    ADE Accenta older LCD keypad

    Thanks for that, I realised after posting it wasn't in the right forum but there doesn't seem to be any instructions or buttons as a poster to change it once its published, obviously only a MOD can. I've tried it with the G3 and its the same. +++ Moved. to message the mods, you click on...
  7. Bear2Biker

    Semi retired but dabble in many things (some of which I'm expert at)

    Semi retired but dabble in many things (some of which I'm expert at)
  8. Bear2Biker

    ADE Accenta older LCD keypad

    Hi folks, I've currently got an Accenta 8 G3 with 1 remote LED keypad & are upgrading it to a G4 with 3 remote LCD/LED keypads. I managed to get a couple S/H online but one of them seems to be programmable on its own, it had some text already & I've managed to clear that but instructions for...
  9. Bear2Biker

    Static Caravan Supply

    Well, thanks everybody for your information and suggestions, it looks like I'll have to reduce the heater wattage (which I'd bought specially) & fit a 10A breaker. Iv'e also got some LED & low wattage bulbs to install/change over, so hopefully that will help too. Thanks again folks for the...
  10. Bear2Biker

    Static Caravan Supply

    sorry , not the whole farmers CU, just the 16A mcb to my van
  11. Bear2Biker

    Static Caravan Supply

    Hi there folks, I've got a static holiday caravan which keeps tripping the farmers distribution CU when too much power is drawn (ie 2kw fan heater along with other standing current draws like fridge, lights etc) on examining the van CU it's got 45A breaker ELCB, 32A power & 6A lighting...