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    Texecom Premier Elite 64 - HELP - PIR fault/cant clear alarm/

    Hi, I have a Texecom Premier Elite 64. Its been working fine for the last couple of years but starting a few days ago, when I try to set the alarm - it fails to arm; keeps beeping; and I get a the following message on the keypad: Landing Motion Detctor There is no other "System Alert"...
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    Texecom Premier Elite 64 - How to change batteries on Wireless Keypad?

    Hi, I have a Texecom Premier Elite 64, with comwifi module. I've recently changed the batteries in my motion sensors; and thought it would also be a good idea to change the batteries in the Wireless Keypad (just to keep the battery same date roughly the same). From what I can see online, its...
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    Texecom Premier Elite - Help - Cant clear Supervisor Fault/No RF Signal

    Warning: this is a long post. Thank you in advance if you have the patience to read. Hi, I had an Texecom Premier Elite alarm system installed around 3 years ago. The alarm company that I used have been pretty bad on the customer service front (hence why I havnt just gone back to them with...