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    Drought !

    We are an island surrounded by water & famous for our rainfall. Yet the sun has shined recently, so therefore we must not ever use a hosepipe ever again to water our land. You heard it here first, but your month of August will be defined by your legacy meedya making you feel guilty for having...
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    SAS Takes A Hammering

    I don't know. One minute you a hero & the next your a baby killing merchant of death. We had a good discussion in t'pub tonight about the recent Panorama hit job & the general consensus seems to be at least 5 folk will be cancelling their BBC tellyvideo licenses tommorrow :-)
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    How fast does gravity travel???

    Me & the current Mrs Lord were treated to a very fine luncheon this afternoons by an old skool chum of mine who happens to be visiting his elderly mum from his base in California during this unusually combined period of sunny weather & Wimbledon tennis. He's a f#kk1nG $billionaire, flew in on a...
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    When Your Time's Up, Your Time Is Up.

    This tragic tale reminded me of the hilarious experience of my own flying instructor & current pilot of choice from many years ago. He went off to Florida to build up his hours ('cos it cheap) & was flying solo over the swamps when he hit a mozzie swarm, "it really did cloud the view" he tells...
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    Asiatic Lillies ?

    Right. Operation "Garden in Bloom" has mostly been a success so far. I planted a few packets of Asiatic Lillies without realising that only one stalk grows from one bulb. Not a problem 'cos due to my lack of experience (& appalling instructions on the packet) I planted most of 'em in sets of 3...
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    Lab Rats

    This experiment is extremely repeatable, even with variations of the main components . . . . They put lab rats in a grey cell environment, a very rat unfriendly environment that has 2x water & food sources. One of the sources is laced with cocaine. All the rats in this environment die...
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    Is It Wrong???

    A few chums are due round 'ere shortly as it's my turn to host our weekly meeting of the Rogue's Vagabonds & Ne'er Do Weller's MCC. Is it wrong to decant 1l of Bells whisky into an empty bottle of Laphroaig 10yr single malt?
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    90,000+ Civil Service Jobs To Go.

    I don't for one minute think that the numbers will be this high. The marxist infested UnCivil Service will not go easily & the remnants will surely sabotage what's left. Let's hope that it's the sandal wearing card carriers of the CPGB & not the nurses, the police & the firefighters that are...
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    Politics, Economics & The New World Order.

    I was told a long time ago to forget trying to understand politics & to learn economics instead. Economics is a subject that you simply cannot master, it is not only subjective/objective it is also like herding cats in fog. I came across this chap today. Whilst I know a little bit about...
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    Me Mams Wedding Ring

    As part of the spring cleaning regime I'm reminded that I still possess 'me mams' wedding ring. All of her grandchildren politely declined recycling it when they wed, so it's sat in my missus's jewellery box with no particular purpose in life. We have a fairly local & very talented...
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    Depp v Heard

    I think they'll get back together after this afternoons Oscar winning performance from Johnny . . . . I really do. I thank the Gods that my divorce wasn't tellyvideo'd & broadcast to the whole world.
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    Another One Brewing.

    Lets see how this is one is played in your meedya . . .
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    Is Time Travel Possible?

    If you can perceive infinity, then you can perceive the concept that time is infinite, both in the past & in the future. There was no beginning & there will be no end to time. It is inconceivable to imagine that in the infinity of time that is the future, that at one point the ability to time...
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    Drink Driving.

    So far, it is not something that the consequences of have touched my family personally. A few years ago, a daughter of my village died hopelessly young in a car crash when her boyfriend's immature brain decided to go fast in a car that he couldn't drive, the passenger side hit the tree, he...
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    Hanging plant bags

    Anyone use these or similar? Are they any good? Promised myself the patio area will be VERY flowery this summer & don't want to spend a small fortune on pots.
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    Make Your Will & Sort Out Your Affairs . . .

    I've known Bob all my life, he was a big mate of me dads. Married & divorced 5 times he was definitely a lovable rogue who alternated between very well off & flat broke all his life. The only bloke I've ever known to be mad on sailing & my kids still talk about the weekend he took them sailing...
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    Physics Conundrum.

    On the basis that there's some very clever folk who live in these parts . . . . Qu. You have a 6ft long solid bar connected at one end to a lightswitch. When you push the other end it operates the lightswitch & the light comes on. If the solid bar was 5,878,625,370,000 miles long, how long...
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    War Is Brewing.

    There's a very real prospect that by this time next week we will once again be sending our troops off to fight in a war that has very little to do with what you think it does. Before you all turn into masters of Russian politics, professors of east european history & suddenly develop a 4*...
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    Will Boris Survive The Day?

    Will Boris Survive The Day? Prace your bets please, prace your bets. I'm undecided. This doesn't have the faintest whiff of Theresa's ousting & I'm not 100% sure there is anyone less guilty to take his place. He won't want to leave behind all that expensive decorating before he's had his...
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    Missus mentioned that she thought our hedgehog was active in her garden, so we set up the camera on a bowl of dog food & caught it red handed at 2am. Has anyone else's Hedgehog woken up this early???