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    Long shot for a plant ID?

    It makes more sense that they are from a cherry, quite common with those.
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    Long shot for a plant ID?

    look like root galls to me - part of the leylandii root system
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    restoring lawn colour.....

    Not knowing what the weather is like your way but mine is looking pretty dodgy just because it needs a good watering.
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    Outside Tap - Getting a good seal on 3/4" outlet?

    just use 2 washers inside the adaptor, the standard hozelock ones aren't thick enough.
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    Outside Tap - Getting a good seal on 3/4" outlet?

    I always get that problem with those connectors. I just use an extra washer in it. always works.
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    little weed seedlings growing

    1. Wait 'til they're a bit bigger and pull them out by hand or use a hoe if able to do so without damaging other plants. 2. Don't dig the ground over again, could also try some form of mulch.
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    Seed Potatoes

    No law about using seed potatoes, but they are generally certified virus free - which the ones you get in the supermarket won't be.
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    Patchy appearance of tomato leaves

    Also can grow basil, marigolds and oregano nearby, all helps withe the whole process. I would suggest a very weak solution of general purpose fertiliser to perk the plants up a bit.
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    Tomato Pollination.

    Tomatoes don't really need insects to pollinate. their male and female parts are so close together a little shake of the plant every so often will be enough.
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    Cutting down a palm tree

    We had one cut down last year - they cut it to 1 foot below the soil level. Damn thing still keeps growing back :evil:
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    Greenhouse foundations - what to do?

    I have a 12'x8' and it is just set onto breeze blocks as put in the previous post. It has been up for MANY years (20+). OK, it looks slightly wonky now, but it still performs admirably.
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    Top soil on top of grass

    The fabric is to stop the chemicals from the preservatives used on the sleepers lecching into the soil. This is for veg. growing so if you are only ever growing ornamentals in the bed there is no need. No real need to dig over the grass either unless you plan on growing root veg in there.
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    something is eating my daffodil petals!

    Slugs, mice or birds. As it is only the petals though I would say not slugs. When do they get eaten? if at night probably mice, if in the day probably birds.
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    Feed for a bath

    Let me rephrase slightly - is it OK to have a pumped supply to a bath? My concern is that at some time only one supply (cold or hot) will be turned on, as opposed to a shower where both are always on. Will this cause damage to the pump if it is trying to pump against a closed tap - or do...
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    I find it too hard to start my petrol mower - any advice?

    Does it have a primer? 4 pushes on the primer button and mine starts first time every time (Briggs and Stratton engine)
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    Feed for a bath

    The hot tank in the airing cupboard
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    Feed for a bath

    The pump only feeds the shower Kitchen tap is fed from rising main the pipes that run to the pump come from the hot tank in the airing cupboard next to the pump and the cold tank up in the roof
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    Feed for a bath

    At present we just have a shower that is fed by a pump. We want to put in a bath. Where do we take the water feed from. a) the pipes before the pump b) the pipes after the pump c) it doesn't matter, whichever is easiest. Thanks.
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    extension lead problem

    This type of saw
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    extension lead problem

    Have a reciprocating saw which i wanted to use at the bottom of the garden to cut up some logs. The saw works fine when plugged in the house, The extension cable I have to use to reach the bottom of the garden (one desigend for use outside) works fine on all other electrical equipment (shredder...