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    Worcester bosch Greenstar 30CDi

    If you`ve a project manager on site over seeing the works, he should have the details of your heating system. This should include heat loss calculations and proposed hot water requirements for the property. The price reflects the fact that the work was subbed out to another firm. But in my view...
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    BG boiler salesman - and Vaillant boilers

    The primary heat exchangers have a thermal fuse in them too. If it`s tripped due to excessive heat, no resetting, full replacement! Although on the ecotec range it`s an easy job. I like them and think they`re good pieces of kit. Only time will tell. Thought the same thing about my ex wife too...
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    Is this an attempt at a Rip-Off ???

    And get some quotes from decorators! Have you no shame? :shock:
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    adding a radiator to the system. direction of flow??

    :shock: thought i was on the wrong forum for a minute.
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    water constantly running into the tank in the attic

    Sounds like you`ve a sludge problem, and pumping over to the f/e tank. Try turning your pump speed down and see if the noise in the loft stops. You need to flush your system out and put some inhibitor in afterwards.
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    Which Boiler is best

    I certainly wouldn`t want the gas bill from running a 40 cdi on full tilt. Gas valve sounds like a jet engine it sucks so much gas through :shock:
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    Vaillant 824 combi hot water

    Yes, try the wires at their source. Most likely get the same readings. I`d be very surprised if you don`t.
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    Vaillant 824 combi hot water

    Best get an engineer out, ask them if they`re familiar with this boiler, and be cheeky and ask if they do a "no fix no fee". Then you`ll probably only get one to show up who`s comfortable in the knowledge he/she (politically correct) will be able to diagnose and fix the problem.
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    Vaillant 824 combi hot water

    Agile is probably correct (as usual) it being the pcb by the sounds of it. If the leads were faulty i`d doubt you`d be getting a higher reading than normal. You`re getting the same reading for the closed and open position. This should not be the case.
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    Shower Drain/Waste Try this. My daughter taught me to copy and paste! :P
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    Vaillant 824 combi hot water

    Looks like you`ve a supply fault to the aquasensor. How old is the boiler?
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    Vaillant 824 combi hot water

    You should be getting a reading of 2.5Vdc checking green and black, and the same figure checking green and red when the tap is running. Check the red and black with the tap off.
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    Dual Flush Toilet - No markings to indicate make and model?

    The flush sytem on these can become dodgey over time. The round rubber seal on the bottom starts passing water by. You may be lucky and have one of the servicable ones that twists 90 degrees and pulls out. Then you can replace it without stripping the toilet. Best to replace it and see if it...
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    Maybe by magic? :lol:
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    Dual Flush Toilet - No markings to indicate make and model?

    Try pushing one of the buttons down, and pull the top of the other one off. Then remove 2nd button. On some models you`ll see a plastic posi-drive screw. Try that.
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    New boiler with old FULL Gravity system.

    That would have been a good one for water systems to get his teeth into! I miss him :shock: No news yet from admin Kev?
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    Shower inlet question

    :shock: :shock: :shock: Or glue or sellotape! :lol: :lol:
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    noisy boiler

    May well be the pipework that needs some attention. All very well having the boiler serviced, but have you had the system itself cleansed and inhibitor added?
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    bolier cut out/dead? glowworm ultimate

    Air pressure switch. The fan blows down a tube that runs to the aps, which makes an electrical contact proving the fan is running. This then allows the ignition sequence to start. Hence no fan, no fire!
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    bolier cut out/dead? glowworm ultimate

    Fan or aps fault most likely. Have it serviced, but tell the engineer of the problem before he starts. Nothing worst than going to a service then realising the homeowner needs a repair but thought they`d try pull a fast one. :x