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    Gas Condensing Combi in loft space

    under new building regs, before you can even consider installing a boiler in loft space ! the loft has to have been boarded, have fixed adeqate lighting, fixed loft ladder and most laughable off them all a gaurd rail round the hatch in the loft!! :oops:
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    Just about to set up for myself for the first time, wont be VAT registered. Just been looking on the web at sites who charge you a fee to register a company name. Has anyone any advise about this , who to use?? who to not??? bloody minefield ,dont know which one to trust, any recomendations...
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    Cheshire,Stockport,Manchester, work placement required

    thanks buddy will give them a ring! any other suggestions greatly recieved????????
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    Cheshire,Stockport,Manchester, work placement required

    hi guys new to this site, so be gentle with me ! I am 28 and live in stockport and worked for NTL as a technical engineer for 10 years,so not wet behind the ears, and decided to re-train. I am currently doing NVQ level 2 domestic gas at college(full time), and the time has come to get some...
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    MET-UK Gas retraining course

    MET-UK Gas retraining course Posted: Oct 13, 2005 11:31 AM Reply Hi guys new to this forum so be gentle with me . I am a 28 year old telecoms engineer with HNC in electrical engineers looking to retrain in the gas industry and before any one asks ,no i am not expecting a 100k a...