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    Washing machine fused spur... can I also run a microwave from the same socket?

    You're correct, that isn't helpful without the clarification that I mean socket (singular, not double) and that more than one socket could be added from many points of the ring to add a collective of single sockets served by its' own single spur. There is a degree of reasonable probability on...
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    Washing machine fused spur... can I also run a microwave from the same socket?

    Fused spurs from ring finals are ok, subject to diversity calculations. The fuse should be off the ring, and likely onto 1.5mm cable. You could technically have a few sockets if the diversity calcs provided that you were not going to over rate the fuse. Having seen a current draw on a washing...
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    Repairing a GRP roof (ed.)

    Don't go GRP unless you have already, there are single ply products from Sarna which look like lead, are repairable, and are quiet and don't suffer from thermal expansion and cracking.
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    Mixing Dry Screed Right, driving me nuts.

    Thanks, I will try less in the mixer to start with. How much water, how do you gauge that? Sand is sharp sand of course, stored in grab bag outside, damp, but not holding together then grabbed in hand on its own.
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    Cooker on 32mcb

    If this is the temporary arrangement, would it not make sense to update the cable to the oven for it can take an induction hob, or, the spec of the yet unknown permanent oven.
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    Mixing Dry Screed Right, driving me nuts.

    I am perhaps (stupidly) attempting to screed the floor in my extension, a dry mix screed. What is almost as annoying as the pubs being shut is the fact my screed is balling in the mixer, everything is sticking at the back, and the balls are quite hard and impossible to work with quickly...
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    Solid Floor to Wooden Suspended floor quandary.....

    Evening all. I am doing a home extension, myself, that's slowly come on over the past few months. I poured a solid concrete floor onto insulation, and the kitchen diner I have created has a combination of the new floor and old wooden suspended. How do I build the finish over the old cavity...
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    Hanging Wooden Joists Below a RSJ

    Morning all Doing a single storey extension at home presently. Was hoping to put the roof on now, but seems have hit an issue. Typical 30's semi, dining room, with 3m opening on back of existing house. Opened up the ceiling over that opening, and it seems the rear of the house is supported by...
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    Fix R 10?

    Hello, anybody used this stuff before, if so, what sort of results? I can't get through to FiXR tech support line, but my roofing supplier, SIG, have said that I don't need a primer onto OSB3, whereas the tech material seems to suggest that I do. Any experience with this stuff?
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    Doing it in the dark???

    Good shout, I never thought of that. Did you do much on your build at night then? Guess I am as much looking for a little motivation too.
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    Doing it in the dark???

    How do all, I am mid way through a rear extension presently, doing largely myself inspired by the £30k thread on here. It's ground to a halt in run up to xmas, need to start again. Anybody do stuff after work at night outside? Worth getting flood lights or a step too far and wait for spring.
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    Steel for Glulam

    Hello, just looked at what my structural engineer has specced for a beam to support a small portion of roof. Wants a full on 152 by 152 5m beam. Anybody substituted steel for glulam ever with success? Will contact engineer tomorrow, but any feedback appreciated.
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    Rubble, Free Collection?

    Yeah, fair point, didn't think about that.
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    Hiring a Labourer

    Got a groundworker for 180 per day, labourer for bit less 150, start in a couple of weeks. Agency said there are a few private owners that have come to them this year for help, as cheaper than giving a builder 70k to do the lot.
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    Rear Extension - Party Wall agreement, the pitfalls?

    PWA will mean that notice comes in two parts as noted, to - Excavate within three meters of your house - Make changes, establish a shared wall, and/or change an existing party wall fence It will mean that - A surveyor will attend your house, and take pictures, and inspect the condition and...
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    Rubble, Free Collection?

    Broken bricks etc? Really, it's not like it's able to be used without being smashed up smaller, whole bricks useless unless spend ages knocking off mortar.
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    Rubble, Free Collection?

    Hello Had a bloke knocking on door earlier asking if I wanted brick rubble at side of house. (Rocked up in old panel van) Why would he want it free? Or you reckon is someone dodgy eyeing up house. Thoughts.
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    Screening from anti-social neighbours

    Thanks TeeDub Yes, I sought legal advice on cameras, seems a vast grey area, though I'm told as you said, it needs to be harassment, and that harassment needs to materially impact your enjoyment of your garden/home. So far, it seems that everything is being done (intentionally or not) so theres...
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    Screening from anti-social neighbours

    Garden is an ok size, but don't really want to turn it loose more than the meter deep hedge that's there now.
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    Screening from anti-social neighbours

    I am keen not to be a dick lol, nonetheless, to date we have had some pretty poor behaviour. Cameras are trained on my property, parties can go on into the night and no regard for noise, guests to my house end up being watched and I more weirdly last summer I had to put up a fence very quickly...