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    paint addatives

    Putting it in a bucket of warm water for 10 mins won't do any harm either. Just don't immerse it! :D
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    Woodchip stripping...

    Same here but with clear water. What's better about soapy water? A case of clean as you go??
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    in what order, ceilings, walls and woodwork

    I think you just answered your own question bud! :D
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    bad wallpapering

    That's what I though. Pi$$ poor excuse.
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    Advice for using solvent based paints?

    I need to find this ebay seller with the cheap deals Becka! :shock:
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    Dado Rail

    Cheers Dec, there are 1 or 2 knots in there too. Would a thin coat of oil based undercoat first be advisable? Cheers
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    Dado Rail

    Cheers Dec, They previously emulsioned. Was thinking white water based satinwood (to avoid yellowing) as top coat. I've got some wood on the chimney breast that I want the same as the dado. Seems stained and doesn't feel varnished. Here's pic.
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    Dado Rail

    After sanding, what product is best to fill dents etc in things like dado rails? Only ever used powder filler for walls etc but i'm guessing wood filler is a better option. Could someone point me in the right direction. Nothing ridiculously expensive though. Cheers :D
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    Best technique for applying sealant to skirting

    I use a little and dip my finger in washing up liquid/water mix. Gives a smooth finish and it doesn't stick to your finger so much!
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    do you need to sand new plaster before painting?

    Sorry to piggy back this thread but just had a 1mx1m part of wall re plastered. I'm lining and painting. Could I size the new plaster a few times to seal it instead of using thinned emulsion??
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    Damp Seal Paint

    As long as the problems that actually caused the damp in the first place has been sorted. A couple of thinned down coats of oil based undercoat should do the trick. Cheaper too. :D
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    What Sandpaper To Use To Rub Down Already Glossed Wood?

    Opps, you're right with silicone carbide. Should have said that and not presumed. Works a treat every time.
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    What Sandpaper To Use To Rub Down Already Glossed Wood?

    Fair play, i'm guessing it's old woodwork that will need a decent rub down first as the old owners probably slapped it on. Note the word 'usually' in the paragraph as there are lots of variables. P60 will strip it right back but i'm sure you meant P600 as that's a fine grade. Not sure...
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    Painting wood frame

    It's bare so cheers for that Joe.
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    Painting wood frame

    Hi Just thinking of painting our bathroom mirror white, to tie in with the rest of the room and have oil based Leyland Undercoat and Satinwood to hand. Thinking, as satinwood is self undercoating, I could give thinned down first coat and then a top coat of Satinwood. Or should I get the...
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    What Sandpaper To Use To Rub Down Already Glossed Wood?

    I usually go with 180 to take the old gloss off, then smooth down with 400.
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    Cowards way out to avoid second coat

    I'm painting my parents living room and finally painting over the horrible mushroom colour (to disguise nicotine) with matt white. After cutting in the ceiling/skirting I could see it was going to take two coats. To do the whole room twice with furniture in the room disheartened me but i'm...
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    mist coat

    I thought trade paint differs from diy stuff because the diy variant is designed to beapplied straight from the tin whereas trade stuff should be used from a paint kettle. Or is that total balls?
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    Sizing a wall

    No sure when i'm going to get time to line it yet but once you've sized a wall, it's sealed. Or is it better to strike while the iron's hot :?: