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    Accenta G4 - no power to Keypad

    It looked OK to me but no, haven't tested/changed it. I'll do that.
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    Accenta G4 - no power to Keypad

    Additional info - battery is about 1.5yrs old
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    Accenta G4 - no power to Keypad

    Hi all, I had a cupboard fitted recently and the chaps had to disconnect the control panel. I powered down the system, alarm went off, code entered etc, then carefully took the pad off. It's all back in place and the tamper alarm works, sets off the speech dialler and the external siren is...
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    Garden brewery/workshop shed - best insulation option?

    Thanks for that. Just to clarify with the Celotex option, the celotex is on the inside of the shed fixed to the studs, then ply fixed through that onto the studs, so no vapour barrier required as it's part of the celo sheets? So order is ply/25mm celotex/rockwool/membrane/25mm batten...
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    Garden brewery/workshop shed - best insulation option?

    Hi all. I've been reading and re-reading articles on shed insulation and am now totally confused. I'm building a workshop/brewery shed down the end of the garden - 3.5x4.5m. Plan is to build a 2x4 pressure treated timber frame on three courses of bricks to get the frame and cladding off the...
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    FCU off a single socket spur?

    Hi all. I've just installed a burglar alarm in the understairs cupboard. The manual calls for a 2A FCU to supply the power. Next to the panel, there's a single socket which appears to be a spur from another socket on the ring main as only one surface mounted cable goes into it. The single...
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    Laminate floor meeting fire door to garage -threshold?

    Hi, I'm flooring my kitchen which has an internal fire door leading to our garage. Our builder has gone bust without finishing the fire door and floor so I'm not sure what to do about ending the flooring where the fire door closes. I could use the standard Quickstep edging which would leave a...
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    Step onto patio

    Hi all, I'm doing a 2m wide patio around a new extension. There is a 5m wide bifold which needs a 100mm step down onto the finished level of the patio. I have put down the mot and have to compact it, but I'm wondering about footings for the step. Pavingexpert says you can lay brick and flag...
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    New brick Shed/Workshop on chalky ground - help?!

    Thanks guys. Does the depth of foundation sound about right for that height wall? And if there's a potential issue with sulphate content (how would I know?) on blockwork, would it be best just to bring the concrete in the foundations higher and use an F2 graded facing brick from the...
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    New brick Shed/Workshop on chalky ground - help?!

    Hi all. I'm replacing two old wood sheds with one brick workshop, approx 6m x 3.5m and 2.5m high. I'm working on the basis that it's less than 30sqm and made of non-combustible materials (only roof would have wooden beams), so shouldn't bother anyone with planning and build regs issues...
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    Permitted development and second storey - 2m of boundary?

    The utility is existing, and the existing planning permission was to have converted it into a habitable outbuilding and install a window, which they've done. Also permission given to install two bays at the front as it's fugly! So we were hoping to use that permission for the front, and...
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    Permitted development and second storey - 2m of boundary?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of clarity here - we're buying a house with planning permission existing for a 8ft x 30ft single storey extension across the back but we'd like to add a second storey and extend a bedroom upstairs - which we're wondering if we can do it under PD. Both sides of...
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