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    Central Heating Pump Overrun

    No overrun? Good, one less thing to worry about; has to be a valve problem then. I swapped the actuators round to see if the problem would migrate to the HW side and suddenly everything is behaving itself. I'll just keep an eye on it for now. System is about 50% TRVs but most of the...
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    Central Heating Pump Overrun

    Well yes, that's true. If it was the gas side or anything more complex I'd gladly call in the pros, but if a bit of reading and effort is all that is needed then I can save myself the hassle of taking a day off and also the expense. I'm going to swap the actuators around and see if that...
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    Central Heating Pump Overrun

    I don't have one. But the builders' merchant is nearer than B&Q so I might just buy another actuator. Sounds like I may need it anyway. I had taken the existing one apart though hoping to find something obviously broken, it all seemed fine though; microswitch clicking as you would expect...
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    Central Heating Pump Overrun

    Update: Few hours now since heating was last fully up to temp. Pump still running, both valves closed, boiler fan back on, bypass feed still hot (now hotter than CH feed), all rads cold.
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    Push button toilet - running water (sometimes)

    What oph said. Turn the water supply to the cistern off and take the mechanism out, you'll probably find that something is worn/bent/badly adjusted, it is only plastic after all. It may be less hassle in the long run to just replace the unit.
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    Central Heating Pump Overrun

    Morning all, I've been trawling this and other forums looking for the solution to my problem but never quite found it, so I thought I'd ask. Here goes, I'll list everything I've noticed and tried... I've recently moved into a three year old house with an Ideal ICOS HE15 boiler on what I...
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