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    Making loft meet fire regs

    Don’t they now say or BR applications that the fee you pay is on the assumption that the work is completed within 2 years? Or something to that effect
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    Making loft meet fire regs

    AFAIK .. linked detection didn’t appear in the building regs until 1991.. building control will know this as flats which don’t meet this standard can be classed as HMOs under the S.257 Housing act (and therefore can be dealt with by private sector housing)
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    Dividing a shared integral garage - Fire Regs.

    I suppose the other question would be is the ownership of the garage and flat above different or the same person?
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    Building reg drawings - will this do?

    Can’t see them being lenient in a post Grenfell world. You’re better off installing a sprinkler system and keeping the original doors as an acceptable workaround
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    45/60 degree rules (right to light)

    I think you need to get yourself a designer, yes there are rules but a designer can help you alleviate any issues
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    Simple question rear extension rules

    Planning application needed if you go past the side of the house see technical guidance link page 26
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    Drawings or sketches for PP for a new garage constuction

    1. Planning Portal has a service providing low cost site plans and local area plans. Are these all that will be needed to successfully apply for PP? i'd leave that to your designer 2. If not, what other detail will be required, apart from the form filling? Elevations and plans, possibly showing...
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    Will this get through building regs?

    just a though.. Customer contacts BC, they say no however they may ask their colleagues in private sector housing to have a look at it and for them to apply the HHSRS, which probably would come out as a Cat 1 hazard
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    Regularisation Cert - open plan kitchen issue

    You can still protect the communal hall, The flat entrance door will be at least an fd30 The staircase will be lined to ensure fire proofing, the alarm systems can be linked to alert upper flats, whether linking them to hallway or just communal area but overall, I reiterate that it isn’t the...
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    Regularisation Cert - open plan kitchen issue

    Put in a detection system inter linked to all rooms including hallway, ensure bed 1 and bed 2 both have escape windows and also put in a FD in the hallway separating the sleeping spaces to the living spaces on the other side of the wall of the kitchen sink other than that tough sugar! Should...
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    Garage asbestos roof repair

    Folks just after some pointers here. I have an existing 6x3 garage which is leaking under the creasing tile and also along the abutting wall (cement fillet) The roof otherwise is in good condition and is stable my plan is to remove squirty foam Replace with cement fillet Renew cement fillet...
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    Roof plan help required

    Thanks for that, incidentally i came up with the exact proposal, however i was just wondering whether there would be a non flat roof solution, but looking at it, i dont think so without creating inaccessible valleys.
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    Roof plan help required

    Hi All Can someone give me the a couple of options on this roof plan, whereby the black lines are the existing house and the red is the proposed. ive tried a few but im trying to work out someting a little simpler. IF it wasnt clear there is a hipped main roof with a gable to the front elevation
  14. Roof Plan

    Roof Plan

  15. roof plan

    roof plan

    roof plan
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    Shower screen leak

    So I noted that the shower screen leaks St the bottom between the metal swivel arm and the clear plastic seal is it just that the plumber cut this poorly? Or even if I buy another seal would this problem still occur red line shows direction
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    Hi do you need anyone to draw your planning drawings? I can potentially do them remotely?

    Hi do you need anyone to draw your planning drawings? I can potentially do them remotely?
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    hi I’m happy to have a look at the planning permission drawings and quote for doing the for you...

    hi I’m happy to have a look at the planning permission drawings and quote for doing the for you if possible/interested? Read more:
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    Both neighbours plan side extensions to boundary

    I don’t think the planners would allow you to join your property to your neighbours especially at first floor. I’m happy to look at this and quote for a planning app if you want?