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  1. Colin Brenton

    Plugs already included with appliances

    Interesting thread, I certainly recall being taught 'how to wire a plug' while at secondary school, in around 1997 or 1998. If I recall correctly, most things my parents bought in the early to mid 90's didn't have plugs on them.
  2. Colin Brenton

    Does my metal kitchen light switch need earthed?

    Re; the above post, yes that is absolutely fine.
  3. Colin Brenton

    Does my metal kitchen light switch need earthed?

    I wouldn't over complicate this, it can be fixed in an hour or two for a few pounds; 1. Shut off the power (sorry, but it has to be mentioned) 2. Any fitting (socket, switch, light fitting etc) that has an earth terminal on it, take all the earth wires to it. 3. If the back box also has an...
  4. Colin Brenton

    Smart Meter Engineer says I must pay an electrician to move my current smart meter outside before it can be replaced

    100% agree. They are for the benefit of the supplier, certainly not the customer. But they ARE the reason the standing charges are so high for everyone else!
  5. Colin Brenton

    Joys of (anti)social housing

    It looks as though it may have in the past been too near to/on top of a hot (probably halagon) downlighter, and been cooked by the heat? That's my best guess. Cure is to cut it back to sound cable, and make proper joints in a suitable box.
  6. Colin Brenton

    Electric shower tripping MCB

    That'll be where he used his screwdriver to lever the cover on around the breakers, rather than lining everything up properly first...
  7. Colin Brenton

    Consumer unit query

    I'd at least look at getting the meter tails updated a bit, those look like the old VIR or maybe fabric type to me. Probably wants an electrician to take a look at it all.
  8. Colin Brenton

    Wiring an Elkay Columbus 400A Pneumatic Time Delay Switch

    If it's a single switch (not one at the top of the stairs, one at the bottom etc?), then just put one wire from the existing switchplate into the COM, and the other wire from the existing switchplate into the NO. Leave the NC terminal unused. Any separate connector blocks containing multiple...
  9. Colin Brenton

    Media wall spotlights gu10 to 13a plug

    Change the (likely) 13 amp fuse in the plug for a 3 amp and job's a goodun'.
  10. Colin Brenton

    Best way to extend cable with is just entering a junction box?

    Just get an electrician to fix it however they deem best, and deduct the cost from the kitchen fitters bill?
  11. Colin Brenton

    Kitchen tap keeps tripping RCD

    The washing machine and dishwasher waste connectors can be blanked off if they aren't needed...
  12. Colin Brenton

    Quinetic switch

    Summat like this? Would have to 'roll your own' grid switch, one Quinetic module and one normal two way switch...
  13. Colin Brenton

    2 boards?

    The two Wylex boards are numbers 1 and 2, the "Volex" labelled box, nearest the camera, at the top, will be the third one. Open the front flap and there will be MCBs/RCDs etc revealed. Three it is, at least as far as I can see. Sorry! HTH
  14. Colin Brenton

    Winter of Discontent (202)2

    It's just a shame that we have a government who's stated aim is to increase the wealth of the richest 1% of the country regardless of the cost to the other 99% of the country... This is the overall aim of conservatives. It is what they desire, believe to be morally right, and seek to bring...
  15. Colin Brenton

    How to replace mains cable Dimplex Oil Filled Port heater

    For the new flex, maybe something like this...
  16. Colin Brenton

    Ceiling light permanently on - pops breaker when switched off?

    Don't forget, if a light downstream of the one you are working on has its switch turned on, the neutral coming back from it into the fitting you are working on will show as being live, if the live wire is connected. If it all works when put back together I wouldn't be too worried about it.
  17. Colin Brenton

    Loss of power to storage heaters after power line replacement.

    Your meter has (somehow) forgotten that it should be switching on the off-peak power during the off-peak hours, which will charge the storage heaters. Sounds like a job for the meter-fitters, to put in a new off-peak meter. Mention to them that you won't be paying them until they sort it out -...
  18. Colin Brenton

    Ovia Inceptor Nano bulb replacement?

    Is this any help? Not used them myself, but could be an option to do what it sounds like you want to do:
  19. Colin Brenton

    Rees-Moggs proposals to reduce workers rights thwarted. For now.

    "Tories hate normal working people"... This is hardly news, sadly. Keep it in mind at the next election, though.
  20. Colin Brenton

    Advice needed re soldering iron for grandsons laptop repair please.

    Any local business that 'does electronics' probably has a lab tech who would do a small job like this gladly in exchange for a case of beer - if you're in south Devon, I would :)