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    Based on the photo, should I install and ACO or French drain?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out the best way to move water from the area directly in front of my new extension. Water has a natural tendancy to form here as the area is shaded a lot of the day and the level of the garden is lowest here (it's not a massive slope though) and I want more...
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    Building control - 'Suprise! You need a soakaway!' (Or do I)

    Once again I've been subject to the randomness and inconsistency of the LABC - which is fine, it's an education at least but they've told me my kitchen extension roof must go into a soakaway. The problem is it's the first time I've heard this. We're essentially replacing what was already...
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    How to protect a block extension prior to rendering

    The walls are up, the roof is on but our single story kitchen extension is taking a hammering from the rain and I don't think rendering is going to take place this year. We're probably looking at about 5 months before it can be done. The window and door is going in next to secure it but I'm...
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    Kitchen extension - steel first before window and door?

    We're building a kitchen extension where a steel is going in to open up the old external wall to the extension. Because winter is coming, is it ok to put the door and window in first? Initially I was thinking of having the steel delivered and in waiting in the extension to be fitted at a later...
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    Vapour control layer (warm flat roof) dilemmas

    I thought that was going to be simple. I went to two large roofing contractors this morning in search of a vapour control layer for my deck prior to adding the 150mm insulation (pir). They literally have two types, flame on and flame off and both are felt based...
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    Forming a box gutter in the insualtion of a parapet roof?

    Thanks for the link. I had a read through it but decided on Fibreglass as there'll be window cleaners on it monthly and it's not a huge roof. (The creaking noises appear to be seen more often on wider spans)? The area also has 2 x 800x1500 openings for velux's so reduces the actual grp'd area...
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    Forming a box gutter in the insualtion of a parapet roof?

    Thanks, it's a 5m run. I've seen some gutters without a fall in them at all but I'm worried about standing areas of water.
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    Forming a box gutter in the insualtion of a parapet roof?

    Next week I'll be building the warm, parapet roof of our 5 x 3m extension. I've got my head around everything except the gutter. According to the architects drawings (attached) I'm to form a box gutter in the insulation but there's no reference to a fall across the 5m length, only a 1:80 fall...
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    Screwing through the Vapour control barrier? (Warm roof)

    I've settled on a warm roof for our kitchen extension but is it ok to screw through the vapour control barrier. It seems counter intuitive to do this? Rubber cover OSB (screwed through to joists) 150mm insulation OSB Joists
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    Do I need a vertical DPC?

    Hi, I'm building a kitchen extension where the extisting DPC will match / be at the same level as the new extension wall. We'll be using wall starters between the old building and the extension. Will I need a vertical DPC too? Is it preferred to open the existing cavity and join there or on...
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    DPC - going from a suspended floor to a slab of the same height

    Thanks for giving me the answers I needed!
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    DPC - going from a suspended floor to a slab of the same height

    I do but they're out so often on inspections they take a while to come back to me, a few days for each email I send drags the timeline out by a lot, especially if the reply I get isn't clear and I have to email them for any further clarification. Thanks for the tip on insulating the door...
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    DPC - going from a suspended floor to a slab of the same height

    Thanks for the reply, do you mean using the DPM of the new slab to run up and meet the existing DPC?
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    DPC - going from a suspended floor to a slab of the same height

    Hi, I'm building a kitchen extension. Our existing floor is a suspended one meaning the DPC is two rows of bricks below the door thresholds. The extended part of the house is designed to have a concrete slab, the final floor level of which is to match the level of the floors in the house. How...
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    Garden office floor - 95mm timber - 100mm PIR

    Hi everyone, I've a 7x3m concrete base that I need to frame and insulate but I'm seeing general pir sizes are 60, 80, 100mm but the timber merchant on supplies 95mm. Should I be using 95mm timber and 75mm PIR with a gap underneath instead? I kinda wanted 100mm in there though. Thanks!