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    Shower control valves

    Trying to identify the name for this recessed non electric control valves. There is a slight leakage from the top spindle and also the small screw labelled LP & HP. I thought this was isolation valve so I turned it, then that started leaking as well. There is no makers name anywhere on the...
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    Consumer unit at 90 degrees

    I noticed one of my neighbours had a new consumer board installed verically because of limited space. Question is will the mcbs and rcd operate satisfactory when mounted sideways.
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    Tee off mains water

    I can't see the pipe now, it was visible near the stop tap in the kitchen before the units were installed 9 years ago, can't see it any more unless take corner unit out. Having read some other emails I gather the black pipe is called alkathene. I want a new entry to the front of house since it...
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    Tee off mains water

    I want to tee off my underground water supply to feed into my new downstairs toilet at front of house. The water pipe feeds my house to the rear into kitchen. The 3-bed house was built in 1969 and the existing pipe is black plastic. I need to buy all my joints in advance so I don't leave the...
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    Durgo Valve

    I have just had a 'shell' building for downstairs toilet completed by a builder, and I am completing all the plumbing, tiling and plastering myself to reduce cost and something to do. I had the drawing done by architect, he showed a stub stack outside, and plans approved by council, however...
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    New ground floor toilet

    I am having a small downstairs toilet & basin built. I have arranged for a builder to build a new brick 'shell' at the front of house. Includes every thing except internal plumbing, electrics, tiling and plastering. My plan was for him to bring the wc pipe up through the new concrete floor...
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    New Gas Boiler Earthing

    Thanks for that answer, thats what they have done, I'm happy now. Gordon
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    New Gas Boiler Earthing

    Just had new boiler installed by Brit Gas, it is now in the airing cupboard on the landing. Should the water and gas pipes be earth bonded near the boiler? They have only earthed cold water and gas near the meter cupboards. Gordon
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    changing old fuse wired consumer box to rcd/mcb consumer box

    That's interesting, how would the Electrician isolate the supply when changing consumer units?