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    How to get free Sky channels without Sky box

    It's very easy to extend the satellite cables to your next room.... 4 connectors, 2 inline joiners & some shotgun cable. There are kits to do this on Ebay !!
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    Induction hob failing with a loud bang.

    Interesting - it does seem the components are not too easy to obtain, mainly China for the IGBT - I've a couple of these I'm awaiting parts for. It does seem the root cause, is the IGBT shorting out, taking with it any other components before it. I wonder if the real root cause, is overheating...
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    Yale additional siren (HSA6400 + HSA3050)

    Thanks John - managed it OK On 6400 controller - enter setup menu, & turn off siren tampers, I think then it was learn in siren, On 3050 siren: As follows - Jumpers: On the siren, J5 off, stand alone. J3 off & J4 off - that gives a 1 second siren for test purposes. Install siren batteries, J6...
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    Yale additional siren (HSA6400 + HSA3050)

    Thanks for your reply's - Especially, JohnD - you seem to have it all sussed out! - Yes, I want to use this surplus 3050, as an additional siren, with a 6400. I have both sets of instructions, so I'll reply in a day or two, how I got on (& the method used, to assist others) - good tip about...
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    Yale additional siren (HSA6400 + HSA3050)

    Can a HSA3050 siren, be an additional siren to a HSA6400 system? If so, how is it programmed in. Thanks.
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    Johnson and Starley Hi-Spec J32 - clicking noise

    As a bit of additional info for those keeping these old J&S units working. I've found that the main circuit board used (ET001 & ET003) in the Hispec J25 & 32 - are identical, EXCEPT for the plug able internal daughter board with a collection of resisters on it - so if you have the wrong main...
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    Johnson & Starley Warm air Heating problem

    Hi Geoff - do you remember which capacitors & how many you needed to change? my J32 is doing similar things!! I have a spare "system ET" board, that came out of a working J32 about 7 years ago - probably be a good idea to replace these Caps, before changing the board. I am very familiar with...