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    Have neighbours the right to use the drains on my property ?

    Hi, my downstairs wc drain was blocked so the plumber lifted the manhole cover which is by my livingroom patio and discover that nearly 2 years ago the next door neighbours (who changed their kitchen around and built a conservatory while I was away on holiday and accessed my land to do so...
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    Dust falling between upvc window lintel & frame

    Hi, there is a miniscule gap between the wallpaper and wall where the top of the upvc window frame fits and a lot of brick dust falls onto the window cill. It is only about a couple of inches long. What should I use to seal it ? Thank you.
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    only getting cold water from hot water bath tap

    I have a Ideal 120 boiler system with only one bathroom. I can only get hot water from the HW bath tap if I turn it on only a third of the way. Any further and it runs cold. that means it takes a long time for the bath to fill up. Any suggestions as to what I have to do to get it to at least...
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    120 boiler pressure drop - do I need a new pressure vessel ?

    Thanks for the follow up. I will let my plumber go ahead with the remote expansion vessel and ask him to declog the pressure switch. I had a new one fitted in Jan of this year so I don't think it is faulty. for a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom (with power shower) house what would you recommend in...
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    120 boiler pressure drop - do I need a new pressure vessel ?

    Many thanks for your advice. I've been reading how awful these boilers are and now understand why my bills have been so high. The boiler is sited high near to the ceiling so the only access is to take it down off the wall. If the water pressure switch is clogged how do I get it cleaned ...
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    120 boiler pressure drop - do I need a new pressure vessel ?

    I have a 5 year old Ideal response 120 boiler which has problems with the pressure and I am having to top up every 3 days or so. Occasionally it goes to 0 and shuts down and I have to manually increase the pressure up to 2 before it will light up again. It then shoots up to 2.5 on the bar...