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    Extend Feed-and-return system with manifold/microbore?

    Many thanks for your replies. The reason I am thinking of using microbore/manifold is ease of installation really. I just imagined it might be easier to run flexible or microbore pipes under the floors. But if you guys know a really easy way to add an extra radiator I'll be very grateful. Luan
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    Extend Feed-and-return system with manifold/microbore?

    Hello Folks, Is it possible to do the above? My existing central heating system is a Feed-and-return type with a combi boiler. I'd like to add an additional radiator in an extension. Could I add the new radiator using a manifold and microbore or plastic pipes ? Regards, Luan :roll:
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    Sashlock for UPVC door

    The lock on my upvc door is broken. I don't know where to find or fit an identical lock. I am looking for the upvc equivalent of a normal sash lock (the distance between the handle and key on upvc lock is longer than a normal one for wooden doors). Do you know where I can find one of these...
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    Solder lead not sticking to copper pipes?

    I tried to mend failed solder ring joints with solder lead but it just dropped off the copper pipes without flowing into the joints. I bought the lead and flux from Wickes. I must be doing something wrong here as I always thought solder lead must stick to the pipes once melted! Please help...