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    Fitting a glass splashback

    I bought a glass splashback from B&Q which should have fitted into the existing gap between 2 units, over the hob. After a generous amount of sanding I have made it fit - just. What now concerns me is the fitting instructions say to leave a 2mm gap between the glass and any other surface and...
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    Any ideas?

    My darling daughter has been posting CD's down a small gap between her window and window sill. We've got the sill off and can see the discs but they are too far down to reach with the hand. We've tried a long handled gripper and got some out using that but the rest are too close to the wall...
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    Boxing in pipes

    I need to box in some central heating pipes in my living room whilst I'm redecorating. The thing is, I want it done quickly and cheaply. If i use plasterboard do I need to plaster over it before painting or can I paint straight on to the plasterboard. If so, how do I conceal the joins?
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    Removing waterproof sealant - silicone

    I'm afraid it's acrylic. I've noticed that B&Q have a sealant remover, has anyone ever tried it?
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    Removing waterproof sealant - silicone

    HELP!!! I really am running out of ideas now. We had to move our bath, turned it right around, so now the bit that was up against the wall is now not. However, the original sealant is still on the bath and I cannot get it off. Anyone with any ideas?
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    Shower screen problems

    We've not been very clever. We have a bath with a moulded shell like back to it and recently installed a shower complete with screen. Unfortunatley the water rebounds off the body in the shower and pools at the end of the bath. It then escapes round the back of the shower screen. We have...