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    Stone shower tray fitting on chipboard floor board, advice please?

    Hi all I am fitting a stone shower try upstairs on to chipboard flooring the instructions say lay it on a wet mortar mix which is fair enough my question is the wet mortar mix will blow the chipboard and I presume might be uneven when it all dries out How can I seal the chipboard or can I...
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    need advice on adding a pump to extension bathroom to boost pressure

    Hi I have an extension on my house and have an en suite bathroom that is fed from a 22mm hot and cold feed off the main system my question is can I add a pump to this part of the system as it goes through the loft to get to the extension bathroom and the pressure is not great and I want to have...
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    Water Softener Resin balls in cold supply

    Hi I had a problem yesterday when the resin balls from I presume my Wicks timed water softener entered the water supply I think the drain froze on Saturday night when it tried to regenerate I tried a regeneration yesterday and straight afterwards it passed some more resin through the...