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    Vokera Maxin 24e Hot water problems

    Thanks for that. I was thinking the same and its the cheapest option as parts go so worth a try. Best go shopping then.
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    Proline Fridge Freezer PC223A

    Hi all I bought this appliance from a good friend that had it from new 18 months previously. I plugged it at home and all was well for approx 6 weeks when all of a sudden everything defrosted and both fridge and freezer stopped getting cold. Electrics seem fine. When left on the...
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    Vokera Maxin 24e Hot water problems

    Hi All My Vokera boiler has started playing up. Fo a month or so the hotwater stops working (Comes out cold), although if the heating is on then no problem it seems to work fine. As soon as the timer switches the heating off then the problem occurs again, just cold water boiler doesn't...