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    Bay window saturated with water

    Thanks Andy The mains water does go under the bay window, but that was newly replaced about 12 months back. Although it can’t be ruled out I would be very surprised it was that, especially as it’s under the elevation with the least amount of damp. In terms of a drain....there’s a clay pipe...
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    Bay window saturated with water

    Recently had some issues with water penetrating through our bay window and bubbling up the paint. Outside looks a state as I have removed masonry paint that was everywhere and peeling anyway, in case there where any obvious issues hidden beneath. Gutter above has been recently fixed, which was...
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    Water penetration around aluminium bifold doors

    With the recent spate of bad weather over the winter mold has started to develop around bifold windows we had installed 2 years ago. There seems to be water/moisture penetration in numerous places to different extents, to the point I think it could be more than one issue... I'll get some more...