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    Halstead Finest Platinum

    AAV ??? Sorry im a bit thick!! I do work in the gas industry honnest!!
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    Halstead Finest Platinum

    The diverter valve is lifting and dropping when the hot water is turned on and off
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    Halstead Finest Platinum

    the boiler begins to fire up, then shuts down, pump gets very very hot so im thinking its gone
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    Halstead Finest Platinum

    External programmer hot water and heating selected
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    Halstead Finest Platinum

    Hi I have just returned from a weeks holiday in Spain to find that my Halstead Finest Platinum has developed a fault. I have hot water but the central heating no longer works 1) Boiler make / model (gas or oil) Halstead 2) What is / is not happening. No Central Heating (Hot...
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    8mm copper tube question.

    I require about 1 meter of 8mm copper tube so dont want to waste cash and buy a 10 meter coil, Can i buy it by the meter or in shorter lengths???
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    order of preperation/redecrating

    I consider myself to be a fairly experienced DIYer and am currently redocarating my my house which is 3 years old. I am now on my fourth room which is my daughters bedroom, I am a perfectionist when it comes to decorating which annoys my mrs no end, so i am looking for some advise on how to...
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    Drainage problems with new property!

    Hi there I hope somebody can help me out regarding this issue we currently have with the foul drains that my property and two others share. My property and one other which are two years old are built on the grounds of an existing 150 year old property. The builder of the my house and the...
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    co-axial tv cable from loft

    Hi there I would like to run a co-axial cable from my distribution amp in the loft down to my dining room on the ground floor! I can run the cable behind my gutter downpipe so it will not be seen and through the external wall into a new drywall tv socket within the room. My question is...
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    Gas fires and wall mounted TVs.

    LCD screens fair better than plasma's in these situations. If you fit a plasma above the fire, the gasses within the tubes deteriorate over time causing failures in some of the tubes. LCD's dont have a gas so they are better suited. Also if you have a fire surround fitted, that will help...
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    filling holes in plasterboard

    sounds like ur walls are dry lined and not skimmed!!?? Just shamfer the holes with a sharp blade then fill! Dont use ready mixed filler
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    Buildings insurance - drains and sewers

    Is it a private or public sewer?
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    question re new floor in new kitchen

    You need to laminate fully under removable appliances and under unit plinths then plane and refit! As for end pannels and so on just butt the laminate as tight as you can if you dont want to use quadrant bead.
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    B&Q Life proof emulsion

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    What Brush???

    Hi there people I have always used Harris No bristle loss brushes when painting my woodwork with good results (satin). Yesterday i went to B&Q to get a new one and they were sold out, so i got a harris natural bristle brush. When i painted a small section of skirting board with this...
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    How can i make undercoat thicker???

    I have a tin of crown undercoat which i thinned out a bit last time i used it, Is there anything i can add to it to make it thicker? Thanks
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    Bathroom tiling

    Sheff You do not need to strip the paint off. Just coat the wall with a PVA sealer (UNIBOND) before you tile. Is the wall plasterboard? If so take care removing the old tiles!!
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    removing dust particles from freshly glossed skirtings

    Hi I have just redecorated my hall and have spent hours prepping and painting the woodwork! Most of the skirting boards have come up great after glossing but i have noticed a very fine gritty finish (that i would like to remove without re painting) in one area. Is there a fine...
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    Repairing wall after removing skirting boards

    What is the depth of the gap?
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    Tile trim on external corners

    jimbocam What you have to do is cut the upright (vertical) strip straight, fit this first between the tiles, then mitre the two horizontal strips to form a 90 deg mitre joint and fit this behind your top row of tiles. The centre of this mitre joint then sits over the top of the straight cut...