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    Installing an Outdoor 2 plug Rcd socket

    Ok so if it's a spur from the ring then it's no go for self fit but if it's on the ring I'm fine ,as essentially I'll be creating the spur this way?
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    Installing an Outdoor 2 plug Rcd socket

    Ok thinking back to the ring circuitry socket theory , the house is a brand new house just over 3 years old , would this give any indication if it would be ring circuit , also the plug is at the end of the room with no other electrics points following from it
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    Installing an Outdoor 2 plug Rcd socket

    I shall check the ring circuit theory out , but knowing my luck it will end up having an electrician. Come out lol , And the reason for the Rcd socket is peace of mind really I know that's sounds redundant as the internal socket is Rcd protected so to add another at such short distance and...
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    Installing an Outdoor 2 plug Rcd socket

    Hey guys I'm looking for some advice on installing an outdoor weather proof socket I have on my internal wall a double socket , I have been told it's a simple operation as the place for the outside socket will be in the identical place as the inside socket , thus only a straight hole through...
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    Air lock ?

    Ok what type of trv is it, cos in the past i used some valves that where damaged even straight from the manufacturer, check the push pin on the underside of the trv head and make sure when you turn the dial to the on and off position that the pin inside moves/ or becomes free aswell, if the pin...
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    Converting my outhouse

    Hey im looking to convert my outhouse which is attached to my kitchen, need a few pointers of advise ok here goes The outhouse itself is only single brick with a an angled /sloped tiled roof, with triangle beams as support, the room is split in two , one a coal shed and one a wash house, but...