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    Lotus Notes - Password Recovery

    Pipme - Many thanks for the link, however just got hold of my IT Manager, and he's going to mail me a new ID file, so hopefully problem solved, until the next time...................!
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    Lotus Notes - Password Recovery

    Breezer - Unfortunately not - It's my companies software and they hold the software. Usual story, shed load of work to do over the weekend, which is all in notes, and my IT guys have all got their phones off, which is probably quite sensible!
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    Lotus Notes - Password Recovery

    Problem - My logon password for notes vanished after a crash. No initial problem, as I could still get access to my e-mail without keying ina password. Unfortunately, I decided to try and get my password logon box to appear again - and went into file, tools, user ID and passwords. The clear...
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    washing machine tripping the electricity

    Have had exactly the same problem with a Hotpoint Washer Dryer which was about 9 months old. It took the repair man over an hour to find the problem, and about 2 mins to fix it. A very small wire had been rubbing against the inside casing during spinning cycle, which had worn a small hole in the...
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    Hotpoint - Soap Dispenser Overflow

    Hotpoint WD64 Washer / Dryer 18 months old. Soap Dispenser has recently started to overflow, when the machine is filling, and water poors out of the dispenser front. I've cleaned the drawer out and checked it for damage, and all seems O.K. Only way I've managed to reduce the problem is by...