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    Shower thermostatic mixer removal

    Hi, My shower thermostatic cartridge is faulty I believe, as I can only get lukewarm water and no hot water. I have tried removing it to see if I can get a replacement online but I am stuck at this stage (pictures attached). I don't know the brand of the shower mixer. Does anyone know how I can...
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    Fix leaky external kitchen sink pipe

    Thanks for the prompt reply and your help! Do you mean the elbow joint should come off without me disturbing the external wall? Apologies, I am a bit of a novice, what is compression? Attaching some pictures of the inside
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    Fix leaky external kitchen sink pipe

    Hi, I am a novice DIY-er and was wondering how I can fix this external kitchen sink pipe that goes to the drain (see pictures). The 90 degree attached to the wall has cracked and the joint is held with some kind of silicone material. The joint comes off completely sometimes and needs to be put...