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    From somebodies experience out there could somebody please advise what is a good make to go for and more to the point which not to touch with a barge pole with regards to crimpers. They need to be able to be used up to 10mm cable. They will be getting moderate to high use. Many thanks in advance.
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    Instructions for Megger CM200

    Hello Shot in the dark here. I've just been kindly given a Megger CM200 unit (to help me through my 2330) but it does not have any instructions. I phoned AVO/Megger and they don't have a copy in stock becuase when this model was made PDF instructions were not invented and they don't...
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    Christmas icicle lights, above or below?

    I think above window. MasterAbacus I have always respected your opinions in this website, but you are only just in the boundary of taste with these lights. However, if you start using lights so they look like objects, namely, Santa Claus, raindeer, trains [what a stream train has to do with...
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    Urban myths

    My sister used to live in a small village in the New Forest. I got lost and ask an old boy "Can you tell me the way to Sway". He laughed at me while rocking from left and right and then walked off. :D
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    Ok, Who has lit their house up then??

    They were banned under health and safety due to difficulty in peeling them. Also pips were deemed to be a chocking hazzard
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    Ok, Who has lit their house up then??

    It not exclamation my numer 1 key gets stuck sometimes. :D Now seriously. When I was a boy we had a little row of candles lights in the front porch and this was enough to bring Christmas joy to a young boy. I remember every year on the second sunday of the advent after church my...
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    Ok, Who has lit their house up then??

    POINT 1 From my Oxford pocket dictionary that sits next to my OSG in my tool box Taste n 3) the ability to perceive beauty or quality. Temporary!!! By temporary do you mean mid november to end Janurary? I know of a house...
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    Ok, Who has lit their house up then??

    An apology. May I take this opportunity to apologise for anything communicated that may have caused offence when voicing my opinions concerning the general qualities and aesthetics of holidays lights and in particular my subjective views regarding the mental state of those who choose to...
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    Ok, Who has lit their house up then??

    ********** Moderator's note Please see forum rules 2a) This is a friendly site and we expect everyone to treat other users with respect! **********
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    Outdoor security light question Post script. This may suit your needs better. :wink:
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    Outdoor security light question Screwfix is the anti-christ!! (in my humble optinion) Take it back and buy above or similar. I did a very quick search and found this in about 5 seconds there are plenty of 100w bulk...
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    Outdoor security light question

    Yes you can use a 20W CFL bulb. However experience shows that when they are encased in these types of bulk head or other enclosures that the bulb life is reduced as they seem to need ventilation to operate to their optimum. Your idea is electrically safe, but may be uneconomic.
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    Numpties! Training the trainer.

    Genius. Asprin, the VW Beetle, unusual marching technics and the jokari knife!! Those German cousins of ours are so ingenius. (and in return we have re-invented the junction box and called it a chocbox and claim it will revolutionise the electrical industry as we know it!!, make me...
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    Numpties! Training the trainer. Like this?? (I was told that if you don't know a question then probably a load of others don't even if you think the question is simple and you'll look stupid) So with above theory, how do you use it?
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    Numpties! Training the trainer.

    What did I say at the beginning about can of worms and CPC's :D
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    small nightlight for bathroom

    If it just a small light you are after for night time, then I would get a small battery operated light. In my old house I put on in the attic by the hatch. You can buy one at B&Q, Wilkinsons, Argos. Use rechargable batteries and it is very low running cost. This will save doing any...
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    Numpties! Training the trainer.

    Oh no don't open up this can of worms :D You'll get loads of them talking about stretching conductors and the like!! as usual 'they' always realise too late after decent people have wasted time, resources and money. We had the same thing at Law School a long ago with an EU lecturer...
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    Numpties! Training the trainer.

    This post is just a bit of fun aimed at anyone who has done / doing any C&G course at college rather than following a qualified sparky via an apprenticeship route. I was having an e-mail discussion with one of the regualr posters here over the last couple of days and it turns out even though...
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    Max wattage permitted in a light

    What would you put that down to?
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    Max wattage permitted in a light

    To follow on from this my landing light max was 60w which was too dim for situation. I installed 20w CFL which are equivalent to 100w. Problem solved. :wink: PS Breifly off thread. John I sent you an e-mail have you received it or did I get wrong address?