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    water pressure gauge

    obviously you haven,t done a psi gauge on a broag remeha-----with the gas off , i reduced the water pressure to allow removal, first checked for blockages but line clear, removed the said gauge, fitted new one, and repressurised the system, gas on, 3 minute start phase on boiler, then adjusted...
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    water pressure gauge

    I have a broag remeha avante plus and I would like to fit a new gauge it a fairly easy job .......the boiler is working perfectly except for the gauge Many thanks Rob
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    bosh classixx slim line

    My dishwasher tripped the breaker this evening midway through the cycle, there is still water in the machine. I reset the breaker but there is no indication of power at the on/off switch----new fuse-----but still nothing Anybody have any ideas ?--many thanks Rob
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    black water

    i was bleeding my rads last week as i am getting cold spots on some of them and the water was black, which i believe is not a good sign. What would be the best way to clean the system. (micro-bore) I live in a small house and the rads are not big. I have a broag remeah avante combi boiler...
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    cool radiators

    yes tried to balance all the rads-----i shut off the upstairs rads, and the lower ones did get hotter, but not a lot, i am going to leave the ferox in for a few days, then drain the system, check the TRV'S ---the trv's on the hall rads are very hot, the valve on the big rad in the lounge is...
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    cool radiators

    i have a sealed system with a baxi 105e-----upstairs rads are fine (3off) but downstairs (4) are only slightly warm, so i am thinking of a blockage somewhere, i have just added ferox400, so will leave it for a few days. has anyone experienced this problem Rob
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    hoover nextra 6+4 wash n dry

    has anyone changed the drum bearings on this type of appliance, if so any tips would be appreciated- many thanx
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    sky plus box

    When i rewind or fast forward i get the circular indication light on the screen and on the box---when i press play the screen light goes out, fine, but the one on the box keeps going----and going, even when i go on to stand by, it still goes on and on---------anybody have any idea many thanks
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    power down alarm

    i have fault on my SL 8 alarm system-----keeps going off on a remote zone, i found a fuse blown but that was not the problem, so i powered down the alarm, as i am going on holiday, ----mains off, battery out, but the bell box still flashing small LED'S, so i disconnected ALL wiring in the box...
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    faulty alarm

    i found that my alarm was going off when we were out, so i did a systems test,----- firstly to check the external box, i omitted the only 3 zones i have, then re-set the alarm,----- but it went off again about 30 mins later, indicating zone 7 (red light)---i don't have a zone 7----???? only...
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    i would like to know which type of freezer is the more economical, one with a small gas compressor or the other with heat distribution coils, or are they both much the same many thanks rob
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    outside vents

    I am having cavity wall insulation installed soon, the rep came this week and told me that my outside vents would have to be changed. i accepted this but he left before i could ask him why. I have the louvre type vent at the moment. Could anyone advise many thanks
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    damp plaster

    i have had a small leak on my chimney which i have had repaired, I had to cut a hole in the ceiling (dormer bedroom) to view where the leak was, anyway i find that the plaster on the bedroom wall just won't dry out, i have had a heater on it for days and days---- and a dehumidifier for over a...
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    Damp Chimney Breast

    The room is used. Heating is on. There is ventilation from the downstairs brick vent---i have had the heater on it for days, it seems dry after but the damp just permeates through a short while later--- only on the chimney breast not the surrounding ceiling---had two roofers check it out +...
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    Damp Chimney Breast

    i noticed damp patches (yellow stains) on my chimney breast on the dormer bedroom--i used a damp meter and had bad readings from the ceiling down to about midway (3 ft) -----i have checked the outside brickwork and pot and all seems fine there, and the internal roof around the chimney breast is...
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    broag remeha avanta

    boiler is working fine but when it fires up about 3am to heat up the internal tank it is really noisy-----runs for a minute and shuts down. When firing up for normal operation at 6am it is as usual nice and quiet. I realise the house is very quiet at 3am but i get wakened up by the noise. Think...