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    premier elite 24 area setup

    I kept having similar issue with the premier 24, put in a job with external detection and ARC kept getting failed to set signals as client wasn't getting out fast enough. It was the exit settle timer is default set to 5 Seconds, for example if your exit delay is 30secs set your settle timer to...
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    Help Me - Activ8 Dualtec Model: 8IR110

    Its brand new out of the box so don't seem to get it, Do you suspect faulty detector or is it just microwave setting set too high possibly ??
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    Texecom Vertias 8 zone question

    Yes this is possible just program part set for your entry & exits for when you take your bike out. have front door set to instant Just Make sure BELLS are enabled in part set :)
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    Help Me - Activ8 Dualtec Model: 8IR110

    Hi Guys, Having issue with dual Tec installed in a conservatory microwave seems to be constantly in alarm condition, so basically its just functioning as a PIR at the moment and due to the heat constantly alarming customer not too happy, I have emailed Honeywell technical support but that...
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    Pyronix or Visonic and should I get an certificate?

    Both visonic & enforcer systems are good reliable products As for electrical certificate i have never seen or heard anybody giving one for alarm installation so not too sure. All intruder alarms should be wired to the mains. You should never see a pro installed alarm on a plug It is better...
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    Triggering a Dialler from another Panel

    Hi All, Hope somebody can help, i have a digi and i am looking at connecting up some external PIRs on there own panel and that panel trigger a spare input on the existing Digi so i can look at my CCTV. The existing digi is powered of the existing alarm so i will probably have problems...
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    Common negative supply rail

    Yes I will always check the programming even on a new intallation i double check. So i know all is working when i left. As for wiring + Red - Black i would have thought this would be common knowledge for builder just look at a battery. Doesnt matter really all you have got to do is open up...
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    False alarm. No siren, strobe stuck on! Accenta g4

    Honeywell now make accenta probably improved some parts from ADE When I used ADE they liked to char themselves black marks up the wall this was in well vented areas not seen this with the honeywells Only problem I hav had is loss of engineer codes during total power loss including battery...
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    Common negative supply rail

    Cheers for that sparkymarka e Went to a mates house to put dialler on yesterday was ok to run power from panel power supply. The alarm was installed by the builder. The pir detectors are a little slow to respond as they are quite high up can see the wires hanging out from ceiling as they...
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    Common negative supply rail

    Hi guys, Usually if I put a dialler in I connect to panels power supply but in manual it says if the communicator is powered from an external source and the outputs are being used without relays the panel and external powersupply will require a common negative supply rail What do you have...
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    Elmdene Rapier 6000 connections

    Hi MikeMelga, I am not sure about the brightness of the strobe as this differs with diffrent manufacturers, If it can be seen at night i wouldnt worry too much But if its still dim you could wire in some Blue 12v LEDs. Connect the + to the + hold off & connect the Neg - to your strobe...
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    Elmdene Rapier 6000 connections

    Had a look at your manual doesnt look like you have a Tamp Return in the panel. Is it required ? You could connect it to a zone with a wire loop and program it too suit if possible, so when the neg is removed it will trigger that zone, it would need programming as a 24hr zone I have only...
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    Methods of testing auto dialler

    Do you just want to know when your intruder alarm triggers? If so connect your trigger from input 1 to the bell trigger Make sure your input polarity is for poss removed so when your bell triggers the dialer will see it. Check your output 3 with a multimeter should be at 13v standby...
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    Can PIR Sensors be Beaten?

    How do you get a 48 inch plasma out crawling on your stomach ? If it can be done on TV yes they have beaten it but in a real break in scenario i cant see it happening. i bet they didnt try it with a ceiling mount 360 pir :lol:
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    IP Cams FTP Sever

    Hi Guys, I currently have YCams and i would like to use the FTP to upload stills when motion detected. However i have never tried this before so just wanting some help. Does it save it to a computer in the house or does it save it to a FTP Service ie Externally Off Site ? Does...
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    Veritas R8 - No of alarm activations in programming mode

    I have never used texecom but the accenta has something similar i beleive called Re - Arms On the Accenta the Default is 3. I thought this was for detectors, Lets say a PIR is faulty & it triggers the system 3 times. The panel on the 4th rearm will omit that circuit untill the system is...
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    PET Pir

    Hi Can you guys recommend a Good PET Pir for a Dog looking at a Medium Beagle size dog staying in Kitchen Only I have used Active8 PIRs for Cats & had no problems. There is selectable wights 15kg & 25kg on the Active8 Has anyone used Visonic K980 that goes up to 36kg but never used...
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    Accenta G4 & ADT Bellbox

    Have you had any work done recently ? Have the neighbours reported that your alarm has triggered ? Check the Fuse marked BELL in the panel and see if the wire inside is broken.
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    house alarm service ?

    It depends on your system if its bells only usually every 12 months If its on police response it should be every 6 months, However i think you can have one remote maintanance & one on site visit or 2 on site visits, this also depends on the company As for Battery replacememt it depends where...
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    Want to fit a toolstation alarm kit comments please

    I would put the following control panel / endstation out of site if possible, if not possible and its plastic construction mount high up near the ceiling, Bit of a pain for installation/maintainance but will hopefully stop it getting smashed up. If metal panel install mid hight. always better...