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    Fixing No More Ply to breeze block bathroom wall

    The subject line says it all really... in the process of removing a couple of layers of tiles from my bathroom wall (in preparation for tiling), most of the render came off so I've taken it back to the breeze blocks and intend to dry-line with No More Ply (6mm). So what would people recommend...
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    Loft full of bird droppings;how to clean & neutralise sm

    I've been clearing out my loft prior to getting proper installation fitted... it's full of rubbish which is quite literally *covered* with bird poo. The previous owners of the flat had a new roof put in over 10 years ago, so it's all old guano, but the smell is still pretty bad. I spent a couple...
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    Uneven floor means 3/4 inch gap under door... what to do!

    I've recently replaced an internal door in my flat, but owing to an uneven floor have had to plane off more from the bottom than I would have liked to enable the door to open past 110 degrees-ish. This means I can open it as far as I need to (just so it hits the furniture rather than jamming on...
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    Melted dual-fuel towel rail element!!! :-/

    RTFI? Yes, agreed, I normally would, HOWEVER, both the element and the towel rail itself were supplied from my local plumbing shop without any instructions. At all. :x Hence my questions... Also, no manufacturer's name as far as I can see. Wasn't cheap tho...
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    Melted dual-fuel towel rail element!!! :-/

    I recently fitted a dual fuel heated towel rail in my bathroom, but installed the element in the top left-hand corner (where the existing bleed valve was) instead of at the bottom where I believe they are normally fitted. I've used it fine over the last few weeks but today forgot to turn it off...
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    Which way to lay stair carpet (lines across or down...)?

    Just a quick question... I have carpet that looks like this... ... which I intend to lay down my staircase. I just have one very simple question, namely whether I should lay it so the lines go down the stairs or whether they should run from side to side. (Oh, actually, I'd like to know...
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    Joining laminate to stair carpet/where to buy cheap laminate

    Couple of quick questions... firstly, where would people recommend the purchase of cheap-ish (up to c. £10/sqm) laminate flooring, for laying on a newly-boarded bedroom/landing. Obviously, we have the sheds... but which one comes most highly recommended for laminate? What about IKEA? I actually...
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    Telephone extension point woes

    Good thinking! I followed the cable back to an existing socket (not the master) and checked the connections. Strangely, the cables connected were the three solid-coloured ones, and the mainly white ones were twisted together unused. This I found very surprising because as I said, in the socket...
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    Telephone extension point woes

    Some time ago, I needed the use of a telephone upstairs, so, being of the lazy persuasion, just ran an extension cable from an existing downstairs socket. The phone connected to this extension worked fine, except that it didn't ring, so I had to rely on hearing the phone ringing downstairs. When...
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    Laying 6mm MDF ready for carpeting... expansion gaps needed?

    Thanks for the replies guys, but I still need an answer as to whether I should leave gaps or not!!! Sorry for the impatience but I am under pressure here :-/ As before, grateful for any help. Cheers, Martin
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    Laying 6mm MDF ready for carpeting... expansion gaps needed?

    Hmmm, now you mention it, that might have been advice for hardboard rather than mdf! :oops:
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    Laying 6mm MDF ready for carpeting... expansion gaps needed?

    I realise that similar questions have been raised before, but I couldn't find a definitive answer to my question which is why I'm starting a new thread... Basically, I'm laying six millimetre MDF boards (8' by 4') onto existing floorboards, to give me a nice flat surface to carpet onto. I'm...
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    1 MCB, 2 spurs...?!?!?! How to add sockets.....?

    Okay, this is my problem... I have quite an old flat I'm about to sell. It's been completely redecorated downstairs and I'm just in the process of sorting out upstairs before selling it. The electrics have been sorted out downstairs, but we never quite got round to sorting out upstairs, so...
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    Running pipework in partition wall...?

    I am installing a wash hand basin in my toilet, mounted on the lath and plaster partition wall which is a party wall to the bathroom. I want to avoid visible pipework so am wondering whether it is acceptable/advisable to run the pipework (hot and cold supplies plus waste) *in the gap* within the...