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    Does anyone remember?

    If my memory serves me correctly, Jack Carter (Michael Caine) used his electric shaver plugged into the ceiling light bulb holder in one scene near the start of Get Carter. Circa 1971! :lol:
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    Installing an ceramic electric hob - any help please?

    My hob specified HO5 RR-F 4mm2. Try getting hold of it though! TLC sell it but it works out at £12.07 for a metre delivered. I used HO7 RN-F 4mm2. Bought from Edmundsons for £3-4.
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    Adding a fused spur - best way?

    Easiest way would be to drill through wall, pass appropriate rating flex through the wall, attach to 13amp plug in the kitchen & trailing socket in the lean-to. This would allow the washer to unplugged in the lean to. As for a fused spur... Is it a gas boiler? If so, then the circuit may...
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    2.5mm twin & earth along carpet gripper

    Mastic Asphalt?
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    This should be adequate for lighting i.e. 1.5mm2 cable. Available in a DIY shed near you. Paid around a quid at Bodgit & Quit.
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    Numpty cooker hood supply question!

    I fitted a flex outlet behind the 'chimney' (cover piece, filtered hood not externally vented) with labelled fcu in the loft. Easy to get to as it's a bungalow with boarded loft. Obviously that's not going to be the solution for every situation. Originally had a socket behind the 'chimney' with...
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    Unusual TV & brown wires wrapped around circl

    How many cores are in the cable? Blue & brown you have mentioned. Is there an earth? Green & yellow? Might be an import if no earth.
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    Conduit for running cable behind plaster

    I used 20mm oval stuff from B & Q. Just protects the cable from the plasterer.
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    Ikea kitchen sink waste.

    Due to having a small kitchen, I am fitting a 500mm sink unit with sink to fit. The waste system supplied is huge, will be a struggle to fit & will leave little room for anything else in the cupboard. Any suggestions please for a smaller waste system which will drain sink/ overflow & washing...
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    Wiring in a ceiling rose

    Cliff Richard lyric? How about 'Power to all our friends'? I'll get me coat...
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    jointing ring main

    Also keep screwdrivers out of their reach :D
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    jointing ring main

    Some kids are a bit handy with screwdrivers though. Stick a blob of filler over the screws in the blanking plate.
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    Certification. How long?

    Hi. Had notifiable work done by NICEIC registered electrician. How long should it take for paperwork to arrive? Thanks in advance.
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    Ikea framtid oven installation

    Also be aware that your hob will draw more than the oven. 2 rings at full tilt will draw more!
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    Ikea framtid oven installation

    I have a similar oven from Ikea, they are made by Whirlpool. I had to phone the Ikea help line to find out that it was 2.4Kw & 13 amp as the instructions & website lack this information. Phone them & check. My installation is 6mm2 cable from consumer unit to cooker switch, 6mm2 T&E from...
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    Socket for washing machine. Switched above units?

    Yes, then you have the means to isolate the appliance without dragging it out. :) Might also be worth considering wiring the washer flex into a flex outlet plate rather than have a socket. Beware though that this may invalidate any warranty on your machine. Check with manufacturer.
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    Fused spur to washing machine & socket. Modification.

    Thanks Eric. The fcu is above the worktop so no probs there. I remember my parents having a problem with a washing machine in the 70s. Would that be a concrete flywheel? My dad couldn't believe concrete would be used in an electrical appliance.
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    4mm2 HO5 RR-F

    My new hob specifies 4mm2 HO5 RR-F (Ikea/ Whirlpool hobs). As advised previously on here, I tried Rexel Senate, CEF & Edmundsons. None of them stocked it. However...the nice chap in Edmundsons said they were getting repeated requests for this now & after my request are ordering 100m. Result!
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    Fused spur to washing machine & socket. Modification.

    Thanks for your reply Westie. Both are on a dual back box with the cable from the fcu entering the socket first. Very little slack on the cable from the fcu so may not be possible.
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    Fused spur to washing machine & socket. Modification.

    Hi, I have a 13amp fused spur feeding a single socket & flex outlet to washing machine. Both are behind the washing machine. I would like to remove the single socket & fit a terminal block (15 or 30 amp?) to feed the washer FO & a new double socket above the worktop. The terminal block...