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    alpha cb28 dhw problem

    Use a good descaler safe for use in kettles and pour it in with boiling water wait five mins it will all bubble loosen off and clean up a treat.
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    British Gas - not allowed to leave old parts on site?

    Seriously who cares? Who wants a old useless part laying around. They send the parts back so that the company knows the engineers arn't on the rob. If they fit a part the old one is sent back to prove its been changed not put in the engineers garage kepeish!?
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    Header tank overflowing.

    Has anyone changed the ball valve?
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    fitting trv toOld radiators

    It's not 22mm its 3 quarter. When you by a 15mm trv it will be to half inch. Simply unscrew the tails from the rads which you said were 22 mm and ptfe up your half inch tails that come with trv set and screw that in instead and bobs your uncle!
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    glowworm leaking heat exchanger

    This is the gloworm 30 cxi leak. Burner seals have been superceeded from rubber to graphite. The flue adptor that connects onto the heat ex has been changed as washer at back leaks and the condense trap has been superceeded as these leak.
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    expansion vessel replacement

    Size depends on size of system, how many rads are there? You do not require additional prv or filling loop.
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    Central heating not working correctly on valiant boiler

    Nonsense. This is a Vaillant, 242 or 282. Most parts are available for this boiler. Just need a competant heating engineer to look at it for you. If hot water is working fine it is probably an issue with diverter valve not moving into heating position.
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    Leaking Drain Off Point on Baxi 105e

    You are losing pressure due to the leak. If it is the white draincock on righthandside try tightening it yourself, these are usually only hand tight. If you can not tighten it call out a gas safe engineer and have the relevant part replaced.
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    Glow worm 70ff ultimate wiring??

    go to your wiring centre/ double patress where heating wires are situated. turn clock to off on h/w and heating and check whether you are gettinqg 24o volts on orange wires.
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    Boiler Problem

    washer on your tap is the fault.
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    Boiler Repair

    If you work for a small firm it is difficult to get into fault finding. I know that british gas are changing their insurance to breakdown only soon and will be looking to take on servicing/breakdown engineers. If you got on servicing you could build up your experience and go on upgrade course to...
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    Expansion Vessel

    You dont bleed an expansion vessel. doesn't matter.
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    Hot water in bathroom question

    have you got a combi boiler
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    Boiler next to window ?

    Trust me beleive bg guy. Depends what boiler you go for. usually regulation is 300mm away from openable window. other guy probably told you not to have it so close as the plume from boiler will fog it jup. but flue management kits are available to direct fumes in different directions.
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    High pressure with Baxi combi 105e

    You probably haven't dealt with actual problem which will be faulty expansion vessell. it obviously isn't taking expansion up. needs pumping up or replacing.
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    Been using amo kleen but the company i work for says i cant us it as is not cossh approved. Anyone know of any that are?
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    Greenstar 30CDi low pressure

    Bear in mind the cost of the service is extortionate but if you have a private gas man prob gonna charge £65 for service plus the cost of the filling section and time to fit it so in this instance you will break even so use wb. next time a service is due go private. HSE recommends gas appliances...
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    Does anyone know of a descaler that you can use to clean out secondary heat exchangers that is cossh approved?