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    Sloping floor and large tree

    The dip on the bathroom floor is visible beneath the unit. It’s likely historic as the solid brick internal wall to the right is not in line with a wall downstairs. The ceiling shows the kitchen below this wall, the internal wall below stops at the kitchen to the left. The tree, nice as it is...
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    Faulty thermostat

    I had a new boiler installed 3 years ago, along with a Salus ST620WBC thermostat and control unit. The thermostat batteries went and were replaced but then it stopped working a few months after and would not work with new batteries as the display just kept flickering. I rang the manufacturer and...
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    Sloping floor and large tree

    I renovated a 1930s house 3 years ago. The survey did not note any structural issues. The walls were covered in 2 to 4 layers of wallpaper and there were various layers of flooring also, with a layer or two of lino beneath carpets in the bathroom and bedrooms and 4 layers of lino/ lino tiles on...
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    Notches too deep in joists?

    I had a new central heating system fitted about a year ago. In a room which didn't previously have a radiator the plumber installed new pipework, for which he cut holes in joists across the length of the room, about 0.7m away from the wall. The room is 3m wide by 3.7m long. I noticed when...