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    Recommendations for replacement Room Thermostat

    I need to replace a faulty Drayton Digistat 3, the unit is a Wired unit but is battery operated. I see Drayton have replaced this model with the +3. Is Drayton a good make (this room stat lasted 4 years). If not, can anyone recommend a suitable replacement room thermostat, it is only needed...
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    Replacing an MCB

    I am looking to replace the electric shower, the current one is a 8.5kW the new one will be 10.5kW. The current cabling from the shower to the consumer unit is 10mm (i checked before i bought the shower!). The MCB in the consumer unit is rated at 40A. I have picked up a 50A MCB from my local...
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    Tiling on Worktops

    I have an Oak worktop, the tap is set back behind the sink on the worktop, annoyingly water gathers on the worktop around the tap. being wood it is slowly becoming discoloured despite trying to wipe up any spills. i oil hte worktops regually but it is becoming frustrating. I was wondering...
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    Replacing Electric Shower

    my current 8Kw shower has stopped working. I was looking to replace it with a 9.5Kw shower. The cable back to the CU is 10mm the MCB is 40A (in a Crabtree RCD CU). Would i be advised to increase the MCB to a 50A for the shower? If so are they easy enough to replace? the fuses are...
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    replacement door frame - where to buy?

    I need to replace an internal door frame, however the existing one currently has a fan light above. I would like to keep the fan light to keep it the same as the existing doors, so in total the frame is 2.3m high. The only frames I have been able to find are 2.1m high. can anyone suggest...
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    Smoke Alarm on a fused spur

    I was looking to add a smoke alarm running off the mains, when I was looking at it today there is a 2 gang double socket in the room above where I want to put the alarm. Upon lifting the floor boards in the room above, I founf the location i wanted the alarm is far from the lighting ring, so am...