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    hotpoint CDT80 tumble dryer - will not turn on using on/off

    Hi I have a hotpoint condenser tumble dryer worked fine until yesterday, when after turning the power off using the on/off button - it will now not turn back on I have checked the plug - changed the fuse I have checked the heating element and used a pin in the thermostat to re-set but...
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    Hotpoint CTD80 Tumble dryer - Fault F 09

    Thanks for that The dryer is now sorted and working fine again Thanks
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    Hotpoint CTD80 Tumble dryer - Fault F 09

    I have a condenser tumble dryer which has come up with the fault F09 What is it? I am unable to clear the fault I have cleaned the filter, condenser and emptied the water box Is it a fault that can easily be repaired or does it need an engineer The tumble dryer is about four years old Thanks