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    pitched roof problem

    Yes but there are two sets of battons. ones running up and down the roof (immediately on top of the boards) and ones above them running horizontally along the roof. Which set of battons should the felt be under? (Confusion may have arisen because I'm not sure if I used the term counterbattons...
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    pitched roof problem

    I have a pitched roof with plain tiles set on battens which are on counter battons which inturn sit on close boarded chipboard which has a coating of bitumen to make it waterproof. There is no felt underlay. There are a few patches where water has got into the chipboard and a valley is leaky. I...
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    Sail Rope Rigging Type Experiment.

    try sailing chandlers there are several online ones. I think you should be able to get the wire by the metre and a crimping tool so you can make your own eyes.