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    Help & advise trying to find/buy a certain bulb/lightfit

    It looks like a VLM Optospot, though it might be a copy. Double check the driver for these (the little box they are powered from) is a 350mA constant current one. If it is then you can find them at Mr Resistor This is cool...
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    Baxi 105e Hot Water problem

    Thanks for that. I now remember I had an engineer out before and he mentioned something had gotten stuck, and I am going to guess this is the motorised valve. He loosened it up and it has probably seized again. Thanks for the help.
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    Downlights in the bedroom

    most transformers come in 60W versions, which is what you want to use. They will run 50W lamps absolutely fine. If it is for lighting wardrobes then I suggest very wide beams, 40 or 60 degree ones. my suggestion for a lamp type would be a GE constant colour lamp. LEDs are very expensive...
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    Baxi 105e Hot Water problem

    Hello, I hope someone can give me some guidance here. I have a Baxi 105e boiler, and recently the hot water started dropping off. I have worked out that we only have hot water when the central heating termostat is on. When it goes off the hot water disappears. Any thoughts?
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    Downlights in the bedroom

    12V halogen is approx twice as powerful as 240V halogen for the same power consumption, so this is the best option. The light is also a cooler light at full brightness, approximately 3000K compared with 2700K. Cool light is good when it is bright, and it gets warmer when you dim down. IBL...
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    double dimmer switch

    If you feel confident you could try swapping the cabling on the two dimmers round. if the other one now doesnt work then the problem is somewhere else. if it is still the same dimmer faulty then there is your error. swap out the module in this case