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    Urea formaldehyde (UF) glue

    Someone on a fire safety forum has said you should use Urea Formaldeyde glue for relipping fire doors. The carpenter is taking them to a machine shop.. Anyone know any UK brand names and where you can buy it?
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    Urea formaldehyde (UF) glue

    Does anyone know any brand names and where you can get Urea Formaldehyde (UF) glue? It is recommended for relipping fire doors on a fire safety forum.
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    Floor sloping under fire door (gap)

    We have a gap of more than 20mm under a fire door fitted by a carpenter. This should be a maximum of 10mm, less if the door has smoke seals. The problem is our bedroom floor slopes slightly down to where the door closes (and correspondingly up to where it's fully open). The floorboards run...
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    Fire door frames and fire doors for bedrooms

    I need to fit fire doors in our three floor house. We will be letting to two sharers, a couple or a family so it won´t be an HMO. I want to check three things: The builder says that fire doors can be fitted to the existing frames and still be compliant: Is this true? Do I have to have...
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    Woodworm in parquet

    We´re thinking of putting an offer on a flat which has parquet flooring. It looks very nice apart from the fact that there is woodworm in places. It is active. In anybody´s experience, is it possible to eradicate the woodworm in parquet or will it continue to be a headache? We´re wondering...
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    Loft joists whoya gonna call?

    Our loft joists have bowed as has the ceiling underneath. Who do we contract to do the necessary work? A guy from a roofing company came and said joists weren´t really what they do, it was just the roof itself. I´m looking at general builders on Checkatrade ( the carpenter listings don´t...