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    Bifold Cupboard

    Could I make a bifold door without using a track? I have an awkward access cupboard I need a 600 wide door(s) with only 320mm clearance infront of it. Could I just use a hinge in the middle between the two doors, is this a thing? Was thinking of using lightweight louvre style doors.
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    Mounting TV to block

    Never used resin tbh is it fairly straightforward? Am sure loads must hang these brackets on block with screws or bolts . My thinking is a kitchen cupboard full of crockery surely weights more than a TV, though the weight is closer to the wall etc
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    Mounting TV to block

    Want to mount 55 inch TV to block walls. The manufacturers of most of these mounts say not to mount into breeze blocks (though I'm sure I've done it before). I thought most of the houses in the UK had breeze inner leafs? I've attached some pictures of the type of block I have. Debating a...
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    Conservatory Roof

    I have a conservatory that has been up 20+ years. I believe the roof was replaced and insulated (badly) 8 years ago and the wall/window to the house removed. I've argued with the surveyor that he should have picked this up, he has been out and mentioned that this would have been done under...