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    Am I in the wrong here?

    1. The gauge on the rhs could be wrong so it may not have been possible to match in. 2. It doesn't. 3. A bonding gutter with an upstand is for a slate to tile join. Not a slate to slate. 4. More likely a grp joining strip -...
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    Bonding guttering/Roof

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    Bonding guttering/Roof

    The angle at the bottom of the roof can change as stated previously, commonly known as a bellcast in my area as stated previously also. If the change is significant then the bonding gutter wont be able to go directly into the gutter. We tend to call soakers, soakers funnily enough but they only...
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    Bonding guttering/Roof

    Bellcast - change in angle at the eaves. Gets called a saddle in my area If possible yes, but a bellcast would change that.
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    Bonding guttering/Roof

    Not debating the quality of the job but if there is a bellcast at the bottom the bonding gutter won't sit properly. We usually fit a lead saddle. Doubt they have.
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    Best way to clean house roof?

    Could buy a skyscraper set if you really wanted to do it without paying someone.
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    Roof membrane

    Their website claims the max UV exposure in a central European climate is 3 months. I would insist on them replacing it.
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    Dry ridge system

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    Straight bonding of roof tiles

    As long as the headlap is done correctly you will be fine. It just looks much better when half-bonded.
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    Clay Roof Tiles laid below Minimum Pitch

    Nope, always stick to the minimum pitch unless specified by an architect. Which is how I know of that felt.
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    Clay Roof Tiles laid below Minimum Pitch Put this over the counters and then batten it.
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    Bill for new flat roofs. Excessive?

    I can guarantee that isn't done right if it was only 400.....
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    Standing seam roof systems ?

    How did you come up with plastic/grp from standing seam?
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    Lead flashing on flat roof

    For cover flashings 100mm is the standard.
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    Where is the leak?

    It may be an L shape but it all depends on where it was nailed. My bet is somewhere that would cause a leak. Anybody that was even remotely clued up would have made that cut bigger in the first place.
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    Where is the leak?

    Small cut left hand side will be the issue more than likely, it will be nailed into the lead. You also have a cracked slate 3 away on the right side. (
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    tiles, does this dry bonding gutter look OK to yo

    It looks like they are half-bonded above the dormer.
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    Dry Ridge Systems

    Easy Trim is god awful, while it has the extra clips it isn't anywhere near as sturdy as Marley, Redland or Klober.
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    Re-nailing Roof Tiles / Fitting Eaves felt

    That's a Ludlow Major, It's a pack of 100 but it's only a tenner so not terrible price-wise