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    Paint bubbling - specific sections only

    Read a couple of other threads that might go some way to explain this, but was going to post this anyway, just in case they end up being unrelated. Painting my hallway, stairs and landing in the same matt magnolia; all has gone well except for the two opposing stairs walls; about 1-5 mins after...
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    Floorboard->Joist screw removal problem

    Success! Managed to get these all up and completed at the weekend. Found the most efficient method while limiting board damage was to chisel around the affected screws and use the mole grips/locking pliers to bring it out. I can fill in these gouges with wood filler and some nicely sized shards...
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    Floorboard->Joist screw removal problem

    Many thanks all, some good recommendations! For this particular case, have actually been 'lucky' in that a light drilling to the head has enabled enough torque to be obtained to get some successful twists. Three or four drill+unscrew combinations has managed to get one of the tongued screws out...
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    Floorboard->Joist screw removal problem

    Happy new year to those that have a good one. I'm unable to remove multiple screws embedded deep within multiple floorboards into their joist. I suspect the installers used a bit too much pressure with the power tools and partially rounded the heads - as per the image, these are Tongue-Tite...