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    Glow Worm 30hxi problems

    Cheers Kev, I'll try and see if I can find it and let you know the outcome.
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    Glow Worm 30hxi problems

    Hi folks, I've got a Glow Worm 30hxi. I lately moved a radiator in the system requiring a drain down of the system. Unfortunately on refilling I keep getting an F9 fault. I've spoke to Glow Worm who weren't very helpful, saying it's a global error code and could mean anything! I thought it...
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    Guidance with commerical water pumps.

    Readers, I kow thisa is primarily a DIY site but I wonder if some of you more advanced plumbers would be able to give a domestic plumber some advice. I've been asked to replace a pump at a local primary school. Before I decide on whether it is out of my experience I need some advice...
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    Tap washers

    Hi everyone. I know this probably sounds daft but is there any technique to replacing tap washers. Everytime I replace one it seems to have a very limited life span. The washer appears to get detached from the jumper and gets stuck in the seat of the tap. This has to be prised out with a...