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    Wet UFH advice for renovation

    Hi. I was hoping to get opinions on the effectiveness of the low profile wet Ufh. Does it compare well against a full wet Ufh install in the traditional way? We are a mid terrace and planning a side return extension (not DIY). The existing kitchen floor is tiles on a solid slab (we think)...
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    Full fill insulation on cold roof. Which insulation type

    Hi all I’ve a cold roof to insulate. There is no option to ventilate so am looking to fully fill the space between joists. My question is, is any specific insulation type more appropriate than others in this situation (I.e., pir board rather than wool/fiber, or vice versa). Or does it not...
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    Condensation on flat roof without insulation

    sorry if misleading title. My situation is that I had a cold deck flat roof with no ventilation but it does have insulation between the joists with a gap between insulation and cold deck ( I realise now that this gap is pointless, as no ventillation). I was concerned about condensation...
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    Condensation on flat roof without insulation

    Not sure I follow. Why do you say the vcl is not working?
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    Condensation on flat roof without insulation

    Thanks for the response. If that is the case , I'm questioning if I bother removing the insulation at all given that condensation will still form if I removed and left uninsulated. The only difference is I would be able to visually monitor the situation. For context, this is a study, and I...
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    Condensation on flat roof without insulation

    I am debating on whether to remove incorrectly installed insulation from unventilated flat cold roof. Would condensation still form on the inside of an unventilated cold roof that does not have insulation? I would assume the inside roof will still be the coldest part of the room so will...
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    Advice on cables in ceiling

    Hi all I have pulled down a ceiling which has revealed some cables and I was wondering if there are anything I should do to take advantage of the access 1. Does this need attention from an electrical/building regulations point of view? I.e necessities that should be sorted asap 2. Are there...
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    Advice on Roof Felt/Flashing/Render

    Hi All, I have some worn out flashing that needs sorting out around a parapet upstand on a pitched roof. The parapet is felted and apparently in decent condition (according to the roofer). One quote suggested leaving the felt and existing flashing as is and cutting a chalk-line into the felt...
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    How long can I wait for a tradesman to fix leak

    Hi all, I have a leaking roof, around the flashing on one side. It is letting some water in which is making the nearest rafter very wet. I am inquiring with trades but all seem very busy. My question is, will the roof be ok if i have to wait a while for a tradesperson to become available, or...
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    Filler not drying completely

    I did not. I had hoped it would be sufficiently dry to keep water out when the rain came along. If that is the issue, will it dry out eventually if the weather remains dry? Thanks
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    Filler not drying completely

    Hi I have recently used toupret external filler to fill a bit of my front wall where the render had chipped off. It was about 1cm deep. After several days (of not the dryest weather), there is a patch that has not dried out. See the pic below. Can anyone advise why this is? Is this going...
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    Laying new loft insulation over old boards

    Hi all, I am going to add a new layer of loft insulation at cross angles to the existing 100mil between the joists. There are a lot of old floor boards already laying cross ways over the joists which were used for storage space. Should these be removed before I but my later down. Will it make...
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    Do Structural Calculations Requre Full Building Regs

    Hi, Our structural engineer is telling me the calculations require full building regs. Is this generally the way to go for structural calculations, or is it likely more a case of them covering themselves from a liability point of view. I can understand that if a building notice were used...
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    Lowering Ground level around Gas meter

    Hi Chris, I am not sure. It is possible it is an old, disused pipe. There are two going into the bottom, and one that runs out of the top, which leads to the first floor (where the boiler is). It is a bit hard to get pic as there is currently a guttering pipe in the way, but hopfully you can...
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    Lowering Ground level around Gas meter

    Hi All, I am looking to lower the ground level at the front of our house a bit, to combat potential rising damp. I would need to remove concrete/paving stones around the gas meter, which has a pipe that runs into the concrete before going under the house. Am I fine doing this myself...
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    Removing wall between stairs and hallway

    Hi All, Thanks for everyone's comments. From what has been said, my understanding is that there are no structural/loadbearing concerns about removing the stud work but we need to replace with a banister that meets the regulations. There would normally be a support beneath the stairs, which...
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    Removing wall between stairs and hallway

    Hi all. Grateful for any advice on the below. We would like to remove the wall and door frame that blocked of the stairs and hallway in our mid terrace house. We have removed plasterboard, leaving a stud wall in place for now. Before progressing further, I just want to confirm: Is the stud...
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    Rouge Estimate on Costs of Side Return Extension

    That tells me all I need to know for now. I will keep saving my pennies. thanks