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    Updating controller on Vaillant ecotex plus 837

    Hi I have the above combi which works well but has the basic mechanical timer and it has just started playing up. the boiler is situated in an adjoining outhouse and I would like to control it from inside the main house - either wireless or hard wired, don't mind which I am not sure what...
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    Vaillant ecotec grey valve / tap covers

    really appreciate this information and so quick! Have filled and bled system an all is warm again! :D
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    Vaillant ecotec grey valve / tap covers

    Can anyone help me- I haven't any grey taps on my valves and need to top up the CH sealed system from the mains input so that I can bleed it. I am currently on .9 bar so cannot risk bleeding any more rads Also want to clean the magnashield and add furnox so will doubtless lose a little more...