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    Opening up fireplace

    Hi all, iv been in the process of opening up a middle floor fire place on a late victorian house and eventually installing a wood burner. when getting level to the constructional hearth it is non existent. It appears that in the past the hearth has been removed to install an old kitchen...
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    How much filler?

    I have a wall and ceiling to tape and join, 2 full boards on each (2400 x 1200) so 4 in total, was wandering if anyone if anyone had a rough idea of how much compound to buy, would I have loads left over from a bag? or would a 5kg ready mixed be OK? Thanks
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    Lowering ceiling

    Thanks for the reply guys, I thought so but heard so many mixed reviews, very appreciated thanks
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    Lowering ceiling

    i plan on doing up a bedroom which has an old lath and plaster wonky artex ceiling. It's an old house so theres plenty of height in the room. I plan on building a timber frame just underneath the old ceiling to board and plaster, should I use 2 x4 or 2 x 5 to stop sag? Iv heard some put banding...