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    Unibond tile adhesive with Porcelain tiles, anyone used?

    Saw this stuff in Homebase, with a lifetime guarantee! I wondered if anyone has used it and if so, how it is? It’s the only ready mixed adhesive that even mentions porcelain tiles.
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    Manual tile cutter - cutting L shapes out of porcelain tiles possible?

    A decent manual tile cutter (Rubi TX max) can cut porcelain well, cut what about cutting tiles to go around the face of a window cut out? Any tips? Tile nippers don’t give a straight edge, nor do electric wet saws that I’ve seen.
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    Comment by 'stoobloo' in album 'Leaky French door'

    Same issue. Any results for you?
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    Drafty gap at bottom of UPVC french doors - seal help please?

    Had some French Doors installed last year and I remember the weather strip along the bottom of the doors kept pulling the strip out from the groove it sits in, so the installed came back, and trimmed it back so it cleared the metal piece along the bottom of the door frame it was catching on...
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    Vapour barrier in bathroom?

    I’ll be renovating a 60’s bathroom soon and am looking at using 10mm insulated backer boards to increase the thermal properties of the room as a towel rail and need to vent the window after showers and baths means it’s never the warmest room! Is a vapour barrier advisable, or could that cause...
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    Insulating external bathroom walls - Options?

    I'm going to be fully tiling the walls in our bathroom and wondered what would be tried and trusted method to giving the external walls extra insulation. Our house is cavity walled with insulation in the cavity, but based on our old house (same construction) the bathroom wall was always cold...
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    Stone resin shower tray mortar bed, slight movement - help!

    What kind of resin? Something in a silicone like tube?
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    Stone resin shower tray mortar bed, slight movement - help!

    I fitted a stone resin shower tray and levelled and fixed as instructed on a bed of mortar. Nice and solid to walk in 48 hours later. Have now tiled on to and around it and when stepping on the tray there is a slight ‘rock’ from front to back. Any possible solutions to fix it without removing...
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    Shower waste - not central in tray cut out, how much of an issue?

    Thank you. Had tested with cold but put 10 x 4 pint milk bottles of hot water down it now. All is well.
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    Shower waste - not central in tray cut out, how much of an issue?

    No easily no. Base is cemented to the ground.
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    Shower waste - not central in tray cut out, how much of an issue?

    Advice please. It seals it drains and it’s connected. However it’s slightly off centre with the indent in the tray (nearest to the the camera). Any implications other than water will always sit in that little area?
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    C2 Based Adhesive for Aquapanel Cement board?

    Does anyone have any makes/types of a C2 based adhesive for dot and dabbing Aquapanel to a brick wall? This info is from Knauf's requirements - I know I have to use screws also.
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    DIYer Jigsaw - incapable of a straight line!

    I've tried an Argos old cheappo electric, and two different Einhell battery powered jigsaws and I just cannot cut a straight line! I've been using it to cut oak floor pieces, the electric one is the 'straightest' but still very wonky, the battery powered ones veer off to one side. What am I...
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    Single solid wood plank across door way entrance - Expansion gap?

    I'm going with a 10mm expansion gap around the room, but am currently starting at the door way as I want a full plank to start as you come in to the room - mainly for strength as it will get the most hammering! The planks will run from left to right of the door way. I've cut the door...
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    Following decorating - A few areas to patch and repaint - best course of action?

    We've decorated 4 rooms this past year and have noticed there are a few areas that need a bit of TLC. Obviously it would have been easier if we'd have noticed before we'd painted, but we didn't. There's a few bumps from moving things after decorating, as well as areas where the paint/plaster...
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    Ceiling - paint peeled away in places…

    No lime based paint, just emulsion and yes it does look like there was no 'mist' coat applied at all. Thanks for the tips!
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    Ceiling - paint peeled away in places…

    Old paint on old plasterboard ceiling. Whilst doing some patch repairs around some hairline cracks, the original paint has peeled off revealing clean plaster. There’s several areas where you can feel the difference between the fraction of a millimetre of unpainted and painted ceiling. Will...
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    New porch - to DIY or not?

    How hard is it to install a new porch? A simple roof pitched that overhangs the front door approx 3m wide, 1.5m out from the door. We have an existing flat roof 2m by 1.2m, supported by two posts. The posts aren't ideal. If not DIY, would a roofing company be best or a builder, or someone else?
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    Wood floor - doorway, not sure what to do

    So if it is thin, do you cut next to the wall or along the door?