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    Combi boiler heating not kicking in?

    Yes it's earth. I have brown & blue from the supply/controller to the boiler. And then Black & Grey for the demand (N/O contact)
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    Combi boiler heating not kicking in?

    Hi Had an ideal logic C30 installed a couple of months back, and put in a nest 3rd gen controller, which has all worked flawlessly (after tinkering with the smart features) My boiler is installed in the basement, and the controller is screwed into the brick work next to the boiler, and the...
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    Advice on basement digging out.

    So I have a basement. My house is on a slope, semi-detached, with my neighbour slightly higher up than me on the hill. The entrance to my basement is at the lower end of the hill via a door, where the two rooms are normal full height. In the middle of the house is a concrete wall which goes up...