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    removing a non load bearing wall

    Anything is possible with time an money but 9grand is a rip off!!!! If you are sure that's it's not a load bearing wall they are easy to remove You said you had a SE tell you it's not load bearing is there a wall directly above it?
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    What to do to this wall?

    If your dot an dabbing the whole wall it makes no difference what sound plaster that you leave on as the plasterboard adhesive will take up the difference when you push the board on to the wall
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    What to do to this wall?

    You only need to remove any loose plaster from the wall before dot an dabbing
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    Turning the water off to a Balterley Spruce bar shower

    You can try cleaning it try soaking it in kettle descale but from experience it doesn't always work You won't damage the pump by turning if off to shut the water turn the isolator valve check the water is off both hot an cold before taking shower apart If valve is passed cleaning you are...
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    Plaster boarding in bathroom

    You can either dot and dab moisture resistant plasterboard or for tiling I'd recommend a cement based tile backer. Being cement based it doesn't rot unlike plasterboard as grout isn't waterproof If you do use plasterboard buy plasterboard adhesive for dot and dab you don't need screws
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    What to do to this wall?

    You only need to remove blown plaster from the wall and leave any sound plaster then dot an dab plasterboard
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    Front door locking mechanism / handle change?

    Give your local upvc window an door company a call they will be able to supply what you need
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    Kitchen draw pack ( Flat Pack)

    I made a template up years ago
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    pipes under boards

    Spacing of pipe clips is recommended 1.8 meters vertical runs and 1.2 meters on horizontal runs for 15mm And 2.4 meters and 1.8 meters on 22mm
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    Can anyone identify this decking ?

    Looks similar to profi that travis Perkins sells could be worth taking a bit in to your local store
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    Shower problem - redring 8s

    You will find that it's not worth spending the money on repairing it as your due to have your bathroom replaced soon Speaking from experience you will find the cost of spare parts on a lot of electric showers is expensive and sometimes cheaper to replace the shower unit
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    max span for lean to garage roof

    For a span of 4.8 meters you are probably looking at 9x3 rafter that's working it out on a 400 mm spacing
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    Solvent cement filler for a strap-on boss

    I use solvent cement and never had any problems in over 20 years
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    refixing plasterboard to brick wall

    Your plasterboard will have been dot an dabbed on to the wall hence no visible screws, your best bet would be to drill through the plasterboard and fix a couple of screws into the brickwork
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    Replacing old floorboards - 16mm thick, 165mm wide

    Your local timber merchant can mill you 16mm boards if you ask them There will be a charge on top of the price of the boards
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    Deck boards

    Most timber merchants supply decking in lengths up to 4.8mtrs but you may find that some could possible order longer lengths
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    Plastic back boxes?

    The only plastic back boxes are either fastfix boxes which are used for plasterboard walls and surface mounted boxes, both are not suitable for mounting within a plastered wall
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    Wide stud wall

    Build it out of 6x2 timber with 12.5mm plasterboard either side brings will out to 7in